Roman Accidentally Married chapitre Chapitre 1

"What do you possibly mean by that?" Jessica asked. She has been arguing in front of the courthouse over the phone for the last ten minutes.

Today was her wedding day. She and her high school sweetheart Burke were supposed to meet up here by ten thirty am to have their wedding.

"Burke it is ten forty-five am, where are you?" she asked her voice shaky.

"Jessica I won't be coming today," Burke said.

"What do you mean by that? We are to get married today" she said again. This time she felt something got trickling down her eyes. She sniffled to drive away the tears so her makeup doesn't get ruined.

"Jessica I don't think I love you enough to want to get married to you and live together in the same house," he said. She felt her heart sank.

They had been planning the wedding together ever since he popped the question. He knew of her dream to get married and live in a house that had a yard for the kids to play in. He had no house with a yard but they planned to get one.

"I won't force you to get a house with a yard," she said. Probably the financial burden was getting too much for him. The reason for the low-key wedding was because of the finances. They were both not rich but if they joined hands together they could live comfortably.

Because they were both orphans they had no one to invite to the private wedding. They planned to do a private wedding and tell their friends later.

"Burke, honey aren't you going to join me?" a voice echoed from inside the room. Jessica knew that the voice sounded familiar she just couldn't place it at the moment.

"Who is that?" Jessica said in a muffled scream.

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