Roman Accidentally Married chapitre Chapitre 7

"And who is this" Dawson said pointing to Jessica.

"This is Jessica and she is my wife," Xavier said taking Jessica's hand and putting her forward.

Jessica came forward and looked at the grandfather. He looked healthier than she thought. Was Xavier sure that his grandfather had last-stage liver cancer?

"Good afternoon Mr. Delgado," Jessica said giving him a slight bow. How could she ever think she would stand before a self made billionaire not less than talking to him? She felt her feet sweating in her shoes.

"Good afternoon Jessica" Dawson said smiling. For some reason best unknown to him, he liked Jessica.

"Please call me Dawson" He added.

"Oh, can I?" Jessica asked somewhat afraid.

Dawson could tell that Jessica was not quite comfortable.

"Did Xavier just tell you this morning that he was a Delgado?" Dawson asked to Jessica's surprise.

"....hmm..." she stuttered not knowing what to say.

"Papa," Xavier said.

"I'm just asking your lovely wife here why she feels so uncomfortable," Dawson said.

"I'm not uncomfortable," Jessica said. She didn't want to be the reason that Xavier gets caught but she wasn't a professional actress or a good liar.

"Relax" Xavier whispered in her ears. She felt the hot air on her ears and it made her shiver.

"Sit," Dawson said pointing to the bedside chair beside him.

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