Roman Accidentally Married chapitre Chapitre 8

The couple left the hospital room after much pleasantries and goodbyes.

Jessica decided that she liked Dawson. He was a likable old man. She began to see where Xavier got his looks from. His aloofness and coldness she guessed came from his parents.

The ride was to the house where she would be staying. She knew that she couldn't return to her house so she followed him home.

He entered the gate of a huge mansion and parked his car at the entrance of the house. A man came to collect the key to re-park the car.

He coiled in shock at seeing a strange woman there. She came down and followed after his boss.

Since he had been working here he had never seen Xavier interested in women. Some of the household staff even thought he was gay.

"Gather the staff," Xavier said to the women they met at the door. She looked like she was in her mid-forties.

"Yes young master" she replied and turned to enter the house.

Jessica pinched herself and was shocked she felt the pain. She was convinced this was a dream because how did it happen that she was married to a billionaire all of a sudden?

"Come with me," Xavier said turning back when he noticed she had stopped in the doorway.

Jessica carefully studied the house and was convinced that the house could pass a castle. It was too majestic and beautiful.

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