Roman Alpha's Claimed Mate chapitre Chapitre 1


“ It’s a mistake. ” I tell Giana just as we step inside the heavily crowded club.

The smell of sweat, sex and alcohol stings my nostrils, making me gag.

“ Oh come on! Live a little! It’s your twentieth birthday. ” Anne throws her arm around my shoulder, pulling me in towards her body.

“ It never ends well when you say this. ” I shake her arm off my shoulder and take a step forward.

“ Don’t ruin the mood! Let’s party! ” Giana screams in my left ear and grabs me by my arm, dragging me straight to the bar.

Deep down, I know I don’t stand a chance now.

Anne gives the order to the bar and I turn around, scanning the crowded place.

The loud music thumps against my ears and vibrates in my body, making me sigh to myself. The neon lights make my eyes hurt.

“ Do tell me once again why we are here of all the places? It’s free land. Anyone can attack us here. ” I yell at Giana who is swaying her body to the music.

“ It’s the best club in the city. ” Giana shouts back, a grin stretching across her lips.

I can already sense her eyes roaming around the dance floor, searching for the prey for tonight.

I roll my eyes while resting my back against the bar counter.

“ Enzo will be mad at me if he finds out I came here. He doesn’t like it. ” I whisper under my breath.

But, it’s still audible to Giana and Anne because of the heightened senses that come as a strength to us werewolves.

“ Fuck that asshole for tonight at least! ” Anne hisses and hands me the shot.

I glance at the small glass in my hand and then at Anne. “ That asshole is my boyfriend! ”

“ And next in line to take the place of our fucked up Alpha! ” Giana chuckles from beside me.

“ He is hot. ” I reason with my best friends.

“ That’s the only reason that we are allowing you to date him! ” Anne bumps her shoulder with mine, throwing me an evil smirk.

A smile breaks on my lips.

“ Drink up! ” Giana grabs my hand and forces me to gulp down the strong alcohol.

The burning sensation starts from my mouth and goes down my throat as I take a big gulp.

“ IT’S PARTY TIME! You are finally turning twenty, and unlike your eighteen and nineteen birthday, I believe you will be able to shift this time. All those fuckers thinking that you are wolfless will all be proved wrong! And maybe, you will also find your mate! "Anne screams in my ear and begins to bounce on her feet.

That's right. I am far past the age of shifting and I didn't shift until now, which lead everyone to believe that I am wolfless.

“ Enzo is my mate! ” I tell her before gulping down another shot.

“ Okay okay! Don't start this again. ” Giana dismisses the topic and drags me to the dance floor.

Leaving me in the middle, she goes to finding her prey.

Giana and Anne are both twenty-two years old yet they haven’t found their mates. So, they fool around with whoever they like because they are not into serious relationships with anyone who is not their fated mate.

Unlike me, of course. I fell in love with my Alpha Wilson’s son Enzo. He is twenty-two like my bestfriends and he believes that I am his mate. That's how the whole thing between him and me started anyway. I can't recognize him as my mate without a wolf, so I can only trust him when he says I am his mate. And I do, I trust Enzo with all my heart.

I shake the thoughts off my head when Anne comes towards me and begins to sway her body to the sensual music playing.

I chuckle when she throws me her infamous evil smirk. Then, I copy her movements and close my eyes, finding myself letting go of every other thought.

Dancing for a while, I go back to the bar and gulp shots after shots until I can’t think straight. Alcohol thrums in my veins. My vision becomes clouded and a wave of heat hits me.

No, no, no.

I suck the air harshly, taking hold of the bar counter behind me.

Another wave of heat rolls off my body when a strange scent invades my senses.

It’s stronger than all the other human scents in the club. It’s the scent of the forest ground just after it rains combined with the musk wood.


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