Roman Alpha's Claimed Mate chapitre Chapitre 5


I have been moving to and fro in my room after taking a shower and staring at the mate mark over my neck for a whole hour.

At first, I tried to cover the mark by wearing a high neck but when I realised that it was the middle of the summer and I was only going to make everyone suspicious by wearing it, I removed it and covered the mark with many layers of concealer.

I like to believe that I can keep it a secret but my mind is about to explode with anxiety.

For one, I have to find out who that man was.

For two, I am scared that I am going to die tonight.

For three, if I don’t die, my Dad will kill me with his own hands after finding out that I slept with a man who was an outsider.

All of this is weighing me down and there is nothing positive I can think about right now.

“ Natalie. ” The door to my room opens and Emilie strolls inside without permission.

I gulp my saliva and question. “ What do you want? ”

Although I try to appear fearless and unbothered, I know she can see right through me.

“ Is what Mom saying true? ” She flutters her eyelashes innocently.

Mom must be listening in. That’s why she is talking so sweetly.

I purse my lips, choosing to remain silent.

“ I believed that you will change but you…you had to get caught and hurt Mom like this. ” Her voice has all the sympathy and hurt she can muster up.

And all I can do is to watch her lips displaying a smug smirk and her words turning sweeter so Mom can hear how good she is to me.

“ Why do you always do this? Mom and Dad are already disappointed in you. ” She sniffs, pretending to cry when no tears flow down her eyes at all.

“ Emilie…Please leave me alone. ” I whisper, wanting for her to get the fuck out of my room.

“ But I…I am here for you. Please talk to me. Please tell me why you can’t just wait for your mate? ” Her voice remains sympathetic but her smirk only widens.

She is provoking me. She is…I close my eyes, taking a deep breath to calm myself down but it’s impossible.

A lava is cooking inside me which is ready to explode like always.

“ Natalie…Dad will be… ” She starts and sniffs.

My eyes snap open, burning to the point I feel as if blood is about to come out of them.

“ GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM! ” I end up yelling at her.

The door flies open once again and this time, the person who steps inside scares the living shit out of me.

“ Dad…I can…” I stutter over my words, stumbling back.

“ Why are you shouting at your sister? ” Dad asks calmly for once.

Although, his usual black eyes are flashing Golden due to rage, he is trying to ask politely.

“ Dad…I just tried to make her understand that what she is doing is wrong but she doesn’t want to listen to me. ” Emilie doesn’t waste a second and runs into his arms, complaining and crying at the same time.

My gaze switches between Emilie and my Dad’s figure in disbelief.

“ What did she do wrong? ” Dad asks the dreaded question.

I walk backward, shaking my head.

“ Dad I can explain…I swear. ” I try to make his heart change.

“ She slept with a stranger yesterday night. ” Mom delivers the news from outside my room.

My blood freezes in my veins. Emilie looks at me and smirks hidden to my parents eyes.

“ I…It…it was a m—mistake. ” That’s all I can say to him.

“ Natalie…” Dad’s voice drops a few octaves.

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