Roman Baby Genius: Daddy Is A Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 4

Charlotte shook hands with Tyler, and turned on her heels. She strode back to the stage, and drop the mic. She picked up her bag, and stride to the back of the stage to get change. She was done for the day and needed to go home. As she strides into the corner, she bashed into someone, but he was quick to hold her.

She lifted her head up, only to see Xavier. They both embark on a prolonged silent, staring at each other. He took a close look at her, and the memory of the lady he dragged into the room four years back, and took advantage of her crept into his head.

There face looks similar, not just their voice. Even though he was drugged that night, he could still remember the lady's face and voice.

He saw her face four years back, and he still recalled when she pleaded with him not to touch her.

"Let go of me, will you?" Charlotte asked, breaking the silent, and try to release herself from his grip.

Xavier snap out of his thoughts, and quickly let go of her. "Watch your way next time, you could have fallen to the ground." He responded.

For the past four years, after the incident, he has never once left his villa to go pay her a visit. He offered her a mansion as a compensation for what he did to her, and that's how it has been for all this year's, but no visit.

Each time his assistant ask him to go see her, it is always in his schedule, but end up being cancelled at the end of the day. That's how it has been for the pass four years, and never for once, did he visited.

He got perplexed, he has never seen her before, and suddenly, she's in the bar with him.

'Does she think I will come pick her up' Xavier thought after seeing her in the bar, and thought she did it intentionally for him to take her back to the mansion.

Xavier thought of who would have told her he is coming to the bar when his personal assistant isn't aware he was coming to the bar.

He doesn't know the people that works for her in the villa. He only ordered his assistant to assign some maids to help her, but haven't seen them before. Xavier got astounded by her sudden appearance, and thought of what to do.

He thought for the past four years she has lived in his mansion and enjoyed his wealth, she has never contacted him for once, and suddenly, she appeared in front of him.

"I will, please excuse me." Charlotte said, and scurried away from him. She recognized his face after seeing him for the third time. And his cologne is still the same for the past four years.

Xavier walk back to where he left his cousin Tyler and found him wasted already.

"When did I just leave? And he is already drunk." Xavier muttered underneath his breath.

He pulled some cash out from his pocket pants, settle the bills, and left the change on the table, before he picked up his cousin, and strode out of the bar.

The guard saw Xavier carrying his cousin to the car, and hurried towards him to help hold him.

"Master, please let me carry him."

The guard held Tyler while they all walked to the car, and he was placed inside the car.

As soon as the guard hit the road, Xavier pulled out his phone from his pocket pants. He scanned through his contact and dialed his assistant number.

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