Roman BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon chapitre Chapitre 1


This story is a work of fiction. Some terms and explanations might be different from the usual things we might encounter when it comes to the demon realm, so please keep an open mind and enjoy this world created by the author.

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"Get out!" I told the female who was kneeling in front of me in a cold voice. Her eyes widened with fear flitting across them.

My face was void of any emotions as I stood up from the single couch I was lounging on and drew my trousers up, buttoning and buckling the belt in place before I walked to the other side of the room.

The female, who was still on her knees, wiped the drool from the side of her mouth before she spoke, her voice trembling. "But, sir… let me try again if you didn’t like the…"

"I said get out." My voice was low, but it was deadly that the female scampered on her feet and grabbed her heels before she opened the door to the private room and walked out without throwing another glance at me.

I grabbed the whiskey decanter and refilled my empty glass before I tipped it over my lips, slowly sipping it as my gaze roamed around the bar below. I was on the second floor in the VIP section of this gentlemen’s club, looking over at the crowd below me. The big glass window was one way. I could see everyone, but no one could see me inside.

Soon, the door of the VIP room opened, and even without looking, I knew it was my Beta that had stepped in.

"What the f*ck is wrong with you? That’s the third female you kicked out tonight. Not counting the other females three days ago."

I didn’t answer him and continued to stare at the scene below. This was getting old already.

"We’re just wasting our time here. Why do we keep coming back when no female is good enough for you?"

"Exactly my thoughts. Let’s go." I placed the glass back on the table with a loud thud before grabbing my coat from the chair as I made my way out of the private room.

The loud music echoed around me the moment I opened the door. The bar smelled of humans, sweat, and sex, and yet, I was having a hard time getting into the vibes. It has been almost two months since I f*cked someone, and for the last two weeks, I have no longer had an appetite for even a blow job.

There was nothing wrong with my manhood. I could easily get it hard when someone touched it, but the moment I associated arousal with the faces of females in front of me, I would start to get annoyed and eventually become uninterested enough that I didn’t have the urge to be mouth-f*cked by any of them anymore.

It was basically the same reason why I don’t f*ck anyone at this point. No one was good enough to hold my arousal in place until I could have my release.

Something was off. And even if I wasn’t showing it, I was slowly thinking I would go feral soon.

My wolf, Beast, was already on his way there.

There were days I could no longer control him, so I barely let him out, and if I did, I would usually do it around my Beta or Gamma, or around my strong warriors. Beast had been a pain in the ass for the last two years, and for the last 16 full moons, I had never run with the newly shifted pups in our packs to avoid another incident like the last time I let him out on a full moon run where he saw newly shifted pups licking and petting each other. And the next thing I knew, he had gone mad and was about to attack them, but thankfully, both my Beta and Gamma were fast enough to throw my wolf out of the way the moment I mindlinked with them.

Beast wanted a mate. And the more the clock ticked, the more he was getting impatient.

I was already 28 years old, but in a few months, I would be turning 29. I am not yet old in the human world, but for shifters like me, I should be mated already.

An Alpha without a mate or having no heir to pass the Alpha genes could go haywire, or in a more direct description, they could go feral.

And I had no fucking idea what to do with it anymore.

No one knew the turmoil within me except my Beta and my Gamma. I didn’t let my father know about this, especially since he, together with my grandfather, kept pushing me to find a mate, either my fated or a chosen one.

I had never rushed out looking for my mate for the fucking reason that I thought she would just fall down from the heavens and show herself to me. But it didn’t happen, and before I could realize that I was still mateless, my wolf was already losing his shit.

Both my father and grandfather, and the men before them, the previous Alphas of the Mystic Pack, all found their mates between the ages of 18 and 23, so no one had experienced what I was experiencing right now. But I felt it wouldn’t take long before I would be doomed.

I knew I had to make a decision soon. A mate or an heir.

But with me not finding any pleasure in mating, what do I need a mate for?


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