Roman BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon chapitre Chapitre 5


"Wear that." A female gave me a paper bag and my eyes darted to it for a while before they went around the room.

I was sharing a small room with nine other Omegas, and they were also handed paper bags. The others were excited as they chattered and compared the clothes they got — skimpy ones.

I closed my eyes as I steadied my breathing. Why did I not run away in the last five days? Why did I think it would be easier to escape when a pack already owned me?

Among the nine females I was sharing a room with, only one shared the same sentiment as me. We didn’t want to be part of this feast. The others were too excited. They said they had nothing to lose, so it was better to lose everything to an Alpha or a rich man.

I wondered what they thought about mates because they never seemed to care about it. Whereas I would do everything just to be given a chance to find mine.

"What are you two waiting for?" The older female named Cora, who gave the paper bag to me, shifted her glaring eyes between me and Olivia. "Do you want me to call Cesar to put on those clothes for you?"

I rolled my eyes before I looked at Olivia, nodding my head at her, and she let out a deep sigh before we both rummaged through the inside of the bag.

My mouth twitched into a frown as I slowly lifted up the gold, shiny bra that I was sure was a size or two smaller than my breasts. I knew the dance they made us practice for days was too seductive, but I never really dwelled on the clothes we would wear, if these were even called clothes.

I tilted my head to look at Olivia, who was mirroring the exact expression on my face.

"Move! Don’t act like a princess here. Or I will push you both on the stage without any clothes on!"

My hands coiled into tight fists. I really wanted to punch this female in the face already.

"Put it on, Lucy. And let’s just hope the person who will buy us just needs a house helper."

My hand went to the hem of my shirt and pulled it off my body before I unclasped my bra and tossed them both inside the paper bag where the sexy outfit was before I took it all out.

"If they only needed house helpers, they would never go here and spend money. I was pretty sure they came here to kill our pussies, like what I’ve been telling you for days. We should have run away." I told her the moment Cora, that awful-grumpy female who was scolding us, left the room.

"You know, I can’t do that or my family will receive the wrath."

"Your family sucks. How could they sell you?"

"When you have nothing to eat and four younger siblings just keep crying the whole day, then you will want to sell yourself."

"If I had nothing to eat, I would never reproduce and make my kids suffer."

Olivia remained quiet and just slipped on her sexy outfit. Unlike mine, hers was colored blue and had long beads that somehow covered her midriff. I only have a bra and thongs, but thank Goddess it had a wrap-around skirt, which I was pretty sure would be taken off soon.

"Sorry if I was harsh..." I let out a sigh before wrapping the skirt around my waist.

"You’re right. But then what can I do now?" She sat down and dropped her gaze to the floor.

I let out another sigh and curled a finger under her chin, tilting her head up to look at me. "You will go out there and kill that dance. And by the Goddess’ grace, your mate is somewhere out there. And if not, I wish to the Goddess your buyer is a handsome man who will be worth looking at as he takes you every night…"

"Or every hour…" She added, and we both giggled, making the others in the room roll their eyes at us.

"Ignore them," Olivia said, and I just turned my back on them.

If I wasn’t suppressing my demon side, they’d be burning in hell now. But I shouldn’t let my rage take over me. These Omegas were the least of my problems.

"Should we fix our hair?" I asked Olivia as I stood in front of the mirror. I gathered my hair all together and tried to raise it all up only to see the roots showing their true color - strawberry blonde hair that kept getting darker every year, that it was almost fiery red now. I only had one box of hair coloring left and I hoped whoever bought me would allow me to buy my personal stuff because I had no intention of showing my hair to the world.

I had never encountered an Omega with red hair. But of course, my interactions with other shifters were limited, but it was better to be careful than to raise doubts.

"Cora said earlier that someone would do our hair and makeup. But I don’t think you need any make-up, Lucy. You’re beautiful already."

"You too. But I hope they put ugly makeup on us so no one buys us."

Olivia was not able to answer when the door swung open, and Cesar, the burly man with an ugly, dirty beard, came in.

"Line up here and let me see your clothes."

All the females scampered on their feet and placed themselves on the line while Olivia took my hand and walked with me to the end of it.

"Take that off!" Cesar bellowed, and my head snapped up to look at him. He was looking at me, making my brows furrow.

"What?" I looked down at my clothes and checked if I wore the outfit wrong.

"Your necklace."

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