Roman Billionaire Series; Falling Into You chapitre Chapitre 2


I walked into SUN INDUSTRIES with a smile on my face and a bouquet of roses to see Lisa, my girlfriend. Our mothers were best friends and had been so since their youth. Both families were so close that Lisa and I practically grew up together.

She was the closest person to me and when we both got into college, I confessed my feelings to her and she accepted to be my girlfriend. Our families were so happy about it and our marriage was inevitable.

One of the things I loved about Lisa was her drive. She was so passionate about work, yet reserved and hardworking. She took over SUN INDUSTRIES from her blood father, Williams Sun, who was released from prison years ago, and in no time, she took the company to much greater heights.

The excitement on my face died when I arrived at her office and learned she wasn't around. We had agreed to meet at three and I was a very punctual person.

I dialed her number and when she answered the call, she said, "I am so sorry, Reign. Something important came up and I had to quickly dash out to take care of it."

"Is it more important than me?" I asked. "I have been out of the country for a few months and back for a week but haven't seen you. Don't you miss me?"

She chuckled, "Come on, Reign, be understanding. I'll be there soon."

I had really missed her so I waited for over an hour. However, I had put aside a lot of work to be there and could not wait anymore. I dumped the bouquet in the trash as I walked away.

I took the elevator from the twentieth floor down to the ground floor. The moment it opened, I saw a young lady in a blue dress. I could see the fear in her eyes when a man grabbed her arm.

She pushed him away and for some reason I could not explain, I pulled her into the elevator and hit the button for the twentieth floor.

As the elevator doors closed, I stared at the lady whose height stopped almost at my chest. But then again, I was very tall so she could be considered average. I was tempted to ask her who that man was and what he wanted but we weren't close, so I kept silent.

She seemed surprised when she looked up and saw my face. She gasped and called out my name, causing me to say, "You seem to know me. Have we met before?"

She shook her head and replied, "Who doesn't know you, Mr. Fletcher? Thank you for helping me just now."

I nodded, "You're welcome. I hit the button for the twentieth floor earlier, where would you like to get off so I can send you there?"

My question had just left my mouth when some of the elevator wires suddenly snapped and the elevator went into a free fall. The lady screamed and we each held onto a part of the elevator as it plunged down.

But the elevator stopped abruptly when we got to the tenth floor and the lights went out. I quickly pressed the buttons to open the door but they had stopped functioning.

I tried several times but nothing worked. We were trapped in the elevator and it wasn't how I planned for my day to go. I hit the emergency button to call for help and I had no idea if it worked. Unfortunately, there was no emergency phone, which I also found strange.

I turned my attention to the lady with me and noticed she had moved to a corner of the elevator.

Her fingers were crossed, her face as white as a sheet as she shivered while muttering, "This can not be happening, no, no, no, why me?"

Her teeth began to chatter and I walked closer, took off my jacket, and covered her body with it, "Don't get too frightened. I'm sure help is coming. Everything will be fine soon."

I folded the hands of my long-sleeved shirt because the elevator began to get a little hot.

"I am claustrophobic," She cried. "I won't make it if I remain here. Why me of all people?"

I stared at her for a while, as though I was seeing a movie, and suddenly had an idea. I took out my phone to make a call, which was something I ought to have done from the very beginning. However, my phone was out of service, making it impossible for me to speak to anyone on the outside.


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