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"Ow, what's that for?" Liam exclaimed, feeling pain on the spot where his mother in-law hit him with a bottle.

Taking his eyes off his mother in law, Liam lowered his gaze and looked at the bottle that Mrs. Lopez just hit him with, then he shifted his gaze to look at her with a cold expression that sent shivers down her spine. He was sick of The Lopez's hitting him whenever they wanted.

"What was that for?" He asked in a low and soft tone.

Scoffing, Mrs Lopez pointed her index finger at him as she said. "Divorce my daughter, or I'll make your life a living hell! You're wasting her time! Tell me what could you give her Liam? You're just a nobody with no one in his life so divorce my daughter or I'll make your life a living hell! And mark my words, when I say 'I'll make you regret trapping my daughter', I really mean it… I'll make you wish you never met her." Mrs Lopez warned word by word, making sure Liam gets the word through his useless head. And then she stormed out of the kitchen.

Sighing exasperatedly, Liam bit his lower lip. In his whole life, he had never met people like The Lopez's, everything they said to him always drained him of his self esteem. Their words were sharp like knives, and that made his life tougher than it already was.

"And why does everyone think I'm responsible for being Erin's husband anyways?" Liam mumbled, turning to get back to his cooking.

Just then, his cellphone rang. Taking his cellphone out, Liam was annoyed when he saw the caller's ID.

And there it was, it was the same unknown number that had been calling him since last night, and when Liam answered it, the person on the other end of the line didn't say anything, which annoyed Liam so he cut the line. And now the same person was calling again.

"Hello." Liam said as he pressed the cellphone to his ear.

"Hello, young master Danvers? Is that you?" A beautiful female voice on the other end of the line said.

Liam raised an eyebrow. Danvers? Who the fuck was that? He didn't know anyone with the last name of Danvers.

"Um, I'm sorry, I think you have called the wrong number, ma'am." Liam politely said, and then he disconnected the line, thinking the lady called the wrong number.

But little did he know the lady wasn't wrong and she had called the right person.

Pocketing his cellphone, Liam got back to his cooking.

At the same moment. Erin's older sister, Mila walked in, landing her disdainful stare on Liam as she walked in. "Liam, didn't I tell you to wash my clothes?!" The woman shouted at him.

However Liam remained calm, he simply turned around and concentrated on his cooking. "I'm busy cooking Mila, I'll clean your clothes after." Liam humbly said, "I promise." He added, letting out a soft smile which made his cheek hurt. Erin had slapped him pretty hard, he could still feel the pain on his cheeks when he spoke, and it hurt even more when he smiled.

Seeing the red hand print on Liam's cheeks, Mila felt a sense of satisfaction. 'Well that's my sister… let's see how this idiot can tolerate her, now that she has started being cruel to you just like everyone else?' Mila thought, letting out a cunning smile. Knowing this idiot won't last long in this house.

Perplexed at her smile, Liam had to ask. "Sister, is everything okay?" He didn't understand why she was smiling. Seriously, there was nothing funny.

With a disgusted facial expression, Mila took a step towards Liam. looking him straight in the eyes as she warned. "You better wash my clothes, or I'll tell Erin to make you sleep outside in the rain again, or worse." Saying those cold words, Mila nonchalantly walked out of the kitchen.

Liam watched as she walked out of the kitchen, and then he walked to the window and looked out.

It looked like it was going to rain soon. And Mila was right, Erin was capable of making him spend the whole night outside while it's raining, she had done it before. So Liam had better do his chores.

Chuckling helplessly, Liam grabbed the frying pan, gently setting it down on the stove as he mumbled to himself, "I guess I should hurry up if I don't want to sleep outside while it's raining…. But I have too much work."

Just then, Erin stormed into the kitchen again. And judging by the way she walked in, Liam could tell he was in trouble again. "Liam, where the hell is my cell phone?" Erin asked coldly.

Turning to look at her, Liam was perplexed. "What do you mean?" He asked. Not getting what she was saying. She always hangs on to her cellphone, so why was she asking him where it was? That was strange.

Abruptly, Liam felt a slap on his left cheek. Erin slapped him again. "I asked you, where the hell is my cell phone, you son of a bitch?" Erin asked again, this time her voice getting louder and angrier.

Liam touched his cheek in pain. This was becoming a habit, and he didn't like it. Almost everyone in the house slapped and punched him around like he was a punching bag.

Clenching his fists, Liam replied. "I don't know, and I never touched your cellphone… why would I touch your cell phone?" Liam asked, slightly gritting his teeth. Showing just how annoyed he was with her and everyone.

Just then Erin remembered, she had left her cellphone in the car. Rolling her eyes at Liam, she turned and walked out. She didn't even think to apologize for the slap she gave him.

Anyways, why would she apologize to him, he is just a nobody, and he is lucky to be living in the mansion and not in the streets where people like him belong.

"This is really getting on my nerves." Liam mumbled, his right fist clenching, while his left hand touched his cheek. She slapped him on the same cheek she slapped him earlier, and damn it hurt!

Just then, a loud and angry voice called from the living room, making Liam's heart jump in fear.

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