Roman Billionaire Son-In-law chapitre Chapitre 3

Xavier's punch had so much force that Liam stumbled back, he nearly fell when Xavier punched him in the stomach making him gasp for air. Liam groaned as he dropped to one knee, and his nose started bleeding.

He touched his nose, and he could feel he had touched blood on his nose which just made him mad. Taking his hand off his bloody nose, Liam looked at Xavier. Feeling rage built up inside of him.

Clenching his fists, Liam glared at Xavier, something telling him to fight back. But he didn't, because he knew that would only make it worse for him, Xavier was bigger than him, and he was an experienced fighter.

But still if Liam tolerated Xavier this time too, Xavier would never learn, he was going to keep on treating him like a punching bag, and he was tired of being a punching bag. Only if there was a way to teach this stupid family a lesson.

"Stop, I didn't do it Xavier, your wife did!" Liam explained, shifting his gaze to look at Ella.

Shivers ran through Ella's spine after hearing Liam's words. And Xavier turned and glared at her making her even more afraid. "Is that true?" Xavier asked in a cold voice, taking a few steps towards his wife.

There was a moment of silence and the atmosphere became awkward after Xavier asked that.

Ella nervously shook her head, as she put on an innocent face and glared at Liam, taking her eyes off Liam she turned and looked at her husband, and she said: "That's a lie!" Ella denied in a loud voice. And Xavier believed her.

He turned to face Liam with a hostile glare. "Oh, so now my wife is at fault?" Xavier asked, stepping towards Liam with a smirk. He was going to enjoy beating this pauper up. The fact that Liam always refused to divorce his sister, made Xavier hate the moron so much.

But Liam wasn't going to allow this idiot to do whatever he wanted anymore. "Stop it… or else." Liam warned, his voice sounding serious, still on one knee.

"Or what? I see you have learned to talk back now?" Xavier said, his sarcastic voice getting louder. This pauper could never scare him.

At the same time, Erin came down the stairs, dressed in a Givenchy dress that hugged her curves perfectly, she looked beautiful in the dress, as always.

A surprised expression formed on her face, seeing the way everyone was standing while watching Xavier as he stood over Liam who was on one knee, and with a bloody nose.

Closing his eyes, Liam breathed in relief. thinking Xavier won't dare fight him in front of Erin, and if he dares Erin will stop him.

But to his shock, Erin gave him a death stare. If looks could kill, Liam would have been dead.

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