“Dad….. Fredrick. Please. Stop.“ She muttered as i continued assaulting her breasts and clit making her wet.

I slid two of my fingers into her pussy and watched her cross her eyes with pleasure.

“Fuck. What are you doing?“

She muttered and shivered.

I held her tightly and finger fucked her hard making her moan loudly and arched her back against me.

The warm softness of her ass against my cock was taking away my sanity.

What the hell am i doing?

I shouldn't be doing this but i just couldn't stop myself.


I felt like my cock would explode if i don't do anything to get it down.

She finally exploded against my fingers and whimpered with pleasure gasping as she held the wall to contend the pleasure eroding through her.

I finally turned her around and admired her beautiful flushed face.

I kissed her slowly and she moaned against my lips making me hard all the more.

Her reaction to my touch was driving me insane.

I know i shouldn't be thinking that but damn…i ached so badly to feel her tight around me.

I carressed her breasts and moved lower towards her thighs.

I slipped her denim skirt up and moved my lips along her thighs.


I gasped at the powerful sensation i felt and held his head.


I couldn't understand what was going in with my body. I has never ever felt this way before and it felt so thrilling.

I ached to get something hard and large into my clit so desperately...

He moved his lips up my clit and kissed my entrance earning himself a sweet moan from my soft mouth.

I arched my back against the wall moaning loudly as he tongue fucked me making me soar high to the clouds.

I was totally not myself anymore.

Everything around her felt like a bubble as my pussy contracted with severe pleasure making me go insane.

I climaxed hard and groaned gripping his hair with intense pleasure.

He stood up and spat out.

He returned to my lips and kissed me passionately.


I loved it.


I couldn't control myself anymore.

My sanity was finally lost as i lifted her up and sat her down on the kitchen table.

I began unbuckling my belt and she looked at me wide eyed.

She shook her head immediately.

“No. Please don't….“

I kissed her immediately shutting her up and moved her closer to me.


I gasped as i felt huge sturdy length against my already wet eager entrance.

“Fredrick…please. Stop.“

I managed to push him away and jumped down from the table.

I tried to run but he held me back and pinned me to the table completely blinded by uncontrollable lust.

“You have to help me. I can't stop myself.“

He muttered against my ear and kissed me seductively.

“I can't please.“


“I…I've never done this before.“

He stopped immediately and glanced at me.


I blinked.

“I said I haven't done this before…I don't want to….“

“Wait a second….you are a virgin?“

I gulped and nodded slowly.



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