Roman CLAIMED BY MY EX-HUSBAND chapitre Chapitre 6

The sun’s light peeked into the windows and the rays touched my face, as it radiated inside my eyes which made my pupils golden from brown.

I explored my sight around and found myself on my bed. I automatically gasped when I realized that my clothes weren’t the same from yesterday night. I was already wearing a white pairs of pajama.

“Shit!” Slapping my head slowly, I was trying to think what had happened last night.

As far as I remember, I was drunk and someone whom I thought was Clyde sent me back to my unit. However, I had doubts since he had a very familiar touch with an alluring scent of masculinity.

As I was about to get up from bed, my phone rang which made me stop my actions and go straight to where my pouch was seated. I saw Candice' name on the screen so I swiped the answer button and instantly heard her sharp voice.


This woman, “Why?”

“I have some good news my dear friend, wanna guess it?” She even giggled which made me shook my head.

I sighed, slamming my self back to bed. “What is it? Can’t you just come here?”

She mumbled something that I didn’t hear. “Bella? Clyde just offered you an extremely good one. Better than before.” She paused before talking. “Can’t you believe it?! Right?”

I turned my eyeballs which I knew she wouldn’t mind at all. “How can I believe it if you weren’t even saying the offer yet? Hello? I still didn’t know what you are talking about my dear friend.”

“Clyde went to me last night and told me that some big shot from a big city wanted to have you as their exclusive model.” She paused. “The pay is ten fold bigger than the last time.”

I froze. Ten fold bigger? But the last contract that I signed was from Clyde’s company? And it was a huge amount. My grip tightened. “Candice? How much was the payment that I received from C.C. company last time?”

The other line went silent for awhile. “As far as I remember, it’s $10,000,000 million dollars. So if what Clyde said was true, it’ll be------” Candice gasped after realizing the amount of money calculated.

I stood up and tidied up the bed. “Maybe he was just making fun of you. Who would pay a hundred million dollars just for them to have me as their exclusive model?” Right, Clyde sometimes is playful.

“But Bella, he told me that it was one of Mr. Fergus De Villa’s son.” I stiffened after hearing Candice’ words. A De Villa?

“I’m busy, I’ll meet you once I’m free. Goodbye!” With that, I ended the call.

I could feel the rapid beat of my heart, it was not because I was longing for ‘that’ person, but because my hatred for him is still buried in my heart. It was not because of our unfortunate marriage, but because of my miscarriage.

With that in my head, I swiped my phone and typed something before sending it to Clyde. I wanted to meet him as soon as possible for the discussion of the contract. I may be doubting to sign it, but I would perhaps reconsider it to prove myself.

It was just half a minute when my phone beeped. I looked at it and saw his reply.





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