Roman Craving my ex wife after divorce chapitre Chapitre 1

Diana Ross jumped at the sudden sound of the door flying open.

Her neck length hair vibrated and her night dress wrinkled at the action. Her heart rose and fell heavily as she stared at the man who stood in the doorway. He was both scary and inviting. His body was the definition of a sexy man.

Matteo Armani walked into the dimly lit room and stopped before his wife. He was shirtless, with the sleek body of an underwear model. He was tall like every woman's dream and his handsome face made heads turn each time he passed.

Maybe it was because of his deep blue eyes; or it was the sharpness of his jawline. It could have also been because of the beautiful curls that fell over his forehead. He brought his hands to her cheeks and kept it there.

Diana let out a shiver. She was a small woman compared to her husband. Yet her body was curvy at the right places. Her jade blue eyes were one of her greatest assets. It made her stand out from the rest of the women out there and her kind nature made it easy for anyone to fall in love with her immediately.

"I thought you were working all night?" Diana asked as she ran her eyes down his bare chest and unto his pants.

His shoes were also still on. They were the only things that proofed that he truly came from work. He must have abandoned his shirt somewhere in the house before getting to the room.

"I want you, Diana. I want you now," he whispered in a husky voice and brought his other hand to her waist.

Diana widened her eyes. He had made love to her that morning before going to work. Yet here he was again wanting more.

"I— I don't feel like it. I've been feeling weak all day. Maybe tomorrow," Diana turned him down nervously and tried to walk away from his him.

She had already taken two steps away when he pulled her back. She hit his chest and he held her in place.

"I want you now. My desire for you needs to be quenched now. I cannot wait!" He exclaimed and his blue eyes only darkened further with his lust.

This was the problem with Matteo. He never took no for an answer. Whenever he wanted her, he always expected her to give him what he wanted. But today, Diana did not feel like giving in to his demands without a fight.

"I'm not strong enough. I can't have sex with you tonight. I'm already so exhausted and I need some sleep," Diana protested and she felt herself begin to tremble immediately at the confrontation.

Diana was not a fighter. She was the type of woman who was meek and always submitted to a greater force— in this case, her husband.

Matteo gritted his teeth at Diana. He was not ready to allow his young wife turn him down. To him, a wife was nothing but a sex toy and she was supposed to satisfy him whenever he wished. He wanted her now and he was going to have her.

She tried to break free but Matteo held her in place with his strong left hand. Then he brought his other hand to her cheeks and lifted her head towards his lips.

"When I say that I want you, it means that I will have you. You have no say in that matter!" Matteo instructed and planted a hot kiss on her lips.

Diana gasped inwardly at the kiss. She immediately knew that she could not break free. There was no stopping her husband now. He was going to have what he wanted.

Matteo moved his lips possessively against her mouth. He sucked on her lips and demanded passage into her mouth. He glided his tongue freely inside.

Matteo would never admit it but he enjoyed the way his wife tasted. The softness of her lips made him always crave for more. The warmth that came with her lips provoked strange sensations within him. His time with her was always different compared to when he was having flings outside.

He deepened the kiss and soon started moving down her neck. He trailed her neck all the way to her shoulders with kisses.

Diana let out shudders and did not realize it when a moan escaped her lips. As much as she tried to hate her husband, she could not bring herself to. Because deep down, one part of her secretly enjoyed every love they made. Both those that were done forcefully and willingly.

Matteo started pushing her backwards until Diana's butt hit the dresser. Matteo saw his reflection in the mirror behind Diana as he kissed her shoulders. He found the tiny hand of her night dress and pushed it down her body. It fell off and left Diana completely naked. She was not wearing any underwear.

Matteo chuckled as he took in the shape of his wife's meduim sized breasts again. Every time, he was always marveled by the way they looked, even if he had seen her naked a million times already.

Diana felt her breath keep getting heavier as the minutes passed. Matteo helped himself out of his pants and flung his shoes off. Diana widened her eyes at Matteo's massive and aroused member.

"You like what you see, don't you?" Matteo said with a grin as he wiggled his brows at her.

Diana could not deny it so she blushed instead. Although, she was still angry about the fact that Matteo had refused to respect her wish about not wanting to make love with him tonight.

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