Roman Craving my ex wife after divorce chapitre Chapitre 4

The Haven was a place for everyone.

Playboys, gigolos, casual flings and so on. It was also a celebrity Hotspot and most days it was filled with paparazzi pretending to be customers.

The Haven served as a restaurant by day and night club by night. It was placed at the top of the trend. It was where scandals were made and secret affairs were created.

An attractive woman took her seat in a more private section of the club. There was only one sofa and a round glass table. The lights in the club kept switching from blue to purple; as if to compliment her personality. Her fashion sense screamed socialite and influencer. It was a simple red dress that hugged her body and showed off her curves. Every man that walked past her table almost always looked twice in her direction.

Maria Jones' Twitter handle had over a million followers but for a socialite, she lived a very private life. She was happy with having only a few friends and Diana was the only friend that mattered the most.

It was quite easy for Diana to spot her best friend the moment she walked into the building. Diana's eyes lit up and she navigated her way through the hoard of dancing drunk clubbers until she reached Maria. She hugged Maria tightly and held on for a while before they separated and sat down opposite each other.

"You look like hell baby. If this is what being married does to you, then it's seriously time to let go," Maria said as she scrutinized Diana's choice of fashion.

Diana was in a purple turtle neck which was tucked in a pair of blue baggie jeans. Her legs were clad in a limited edition of purple Jordan airs. She had on a black face cap to cover her face. She had on a pair of round dark Raybans glasses to complement the look.

Maria scrunched her nose up in disgust.

"Don't look at me like that. I don't feel like having a dress on today," Diana defended herself.

Maria shook her head in disapproval and remained silent. She examined her face instead for any hidden emotions. To a stranger, Diana looked beautiful enough but to Maria; nothing could miss her judgemental stare.

They took their seat and Maria ordered a mild alcoholic drink for the both of them, Diana tried to decline but Maria ordered anyway.

"If you are really going through with this, you will need to loosen up. Matteo had it coming a long time ago and I won't lie to you, your husband is not the kind of person that lets go easily. Diana, I need you to know that it's going to be a messy divorce," Maria finished.

Diana thought of what her friend told her before. She loved Maria dearly for that, her best friend was a blunt realist behind her social media persona.

"Call the waiter back MJ. . ." Diana began and Maria was about to protest when Diana continued. ". . .So we can change our orders into something stronger," Diana concluded and gave her best friend a knowing stare.

"That's my girl!" Marie Jones exclaimed and moved her body to the music. She raise her hand in the air and waved the waiter over. There was now a large smile on her face.

The waiter soon came over with the drinks. As Diana took her first cup, Maria challenged her. "I dare you to take off your wedding ring!" There was a mischievous smile on her face.

Diana replied instantly. "I am married, why?"

Maria said nothing as she waited for Diana to realize her mistake. Diana widened her eyes and smiled suddenly, "I am no longer married, am I?" She smiled at her mistake.

She took off her twenty-four-karat wedding band and dropped it in her pocket. They had not gone more than twenty minutes before an expensive bottle of wine was brought to their table.

"From the gentlemen over there," the waiter who had served them earlier said. As he gently opened the bottle, Diana and Maria looked in the direction the waiter pointed and saw the gentlemen.

Two men were dressed impeccably in custom-made suits. Maria poured herself and Diana the wine from the gentlemen. She raised her glass towards Diana. "To the new you!" She proposed.

Diana took her glass cup and raised it. "To the new me."

Maria smiled suddenly as a thought came to her head. "Diana baby, let's go say hi to the gentlemen. I mean it would seem rude to ignore their gesture and besides, you technically aren't married anymore, so let's go!" Maria proposed as she wiggled her brows at her.

Before Diana could reply, her phone rang. She checked the caller ID and Matteo was written boldly. She hesitated as she felt her heart skip a beat. Then she showed it to Maria.

"I told you he would choose the hard way, didn't I?" Maria reminded her.

"What do I do?" Diana frantically whispered as the men who sent the drinks were approaching them.

Marie Jones took the phone from Diana and pressed the red button. Diana gasped in surprise."He is gonna be so mad at me!" Diana shout-whispered.

"Do you give a damn?" Maria asked.

Diana still felt nervous but she shook her head in response. When Maria saw that they were past it, she went back to trying to help her friend loosen up.

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