Roman Craving my ex wife after divorce chapitre Chapitre 5

Armani was a name that carried power in the billionaire society.

The first thing the Armani Family was known for was outstanding business records and achievements, the second thing was ruthlessness.

Its golden son, Matteo was responsible for all the wealth they had acquired at such an early age. As a result, Matteo grew up into the playboy that he was since there were many women at his disposal. He believed that all the women could never turn him down. They needed his money and his fame.

Which was why the lawyer's call left him shocked. Diana of all people was the one who needed him the most. Her father had been desperate and had begged that he went through with the marriage three years ago when he tried to back off.

Matteo had seen the determination in Diana's eyes when she demanded a divorce. He was still going through a hangover from yesterday night so he did not pay much attention to her.

Matteo had used fear as a tool to make Diana submissive throughout their marriage. Yet today, she had the guts to ask for a divorce.

“I should call her right away and make her explain herself,” he thought out loud to himself and shrugged the thought away.

He pulled up into the company's garage and stepped out to get to his office. Matteo's office was on the highest floor of the skyscraper. He was clad in a Grey suit with a tie and black Louis Vuitton shoes.

He kept thinking about Diana and her demand as the elevator took him up to his office. His secretary was not in today so he went straight for his door.

Matteo's office was very spacious; a large mahogany table sat in the middle of the room. There were a few awards on his bookshelf. Behind the table was a Corinthian leather chair. The chair was occupied though.

Matteo frowned and approached the table cautiously before the chair rotated revealing who was in it.

Matteo had been with countless women, mostly they were all crazy about him. The women loved his domineering character. There were some women, however, who loved to challenge him. Lexi was not wearing anything underneath her long leather coat. Apart from the long coat, she had sharp makeup on and a pair of red heels.

Matteo smiled as he went to another side of his office to get two tumblers and a bottle of expensive brandy. The only reason Matteo loved to fuck around with Lexi was that she looked like Diana; only a more insane version.

Lexi did not like to take no for an answer. She was stubborn and had a very high pain tolerance. She was a very overwhelming woman. Both Diana and Lexi had small bodies, taut fleshy asses and medium perky breasts.

The only difference was Lexi's tattoos. She had numerous Chinese words written from the nape of her neck down her back. He drank his brandy and shuddered as he imagined Lexi’s sexy body.

"What seems to be the occasion?" Matteo asked while recovering from the effect of alcohol.

Lexi seductively sauntered over to him. A few loosened buttons revealed Lexi's cleavage. She gently held his right hand and led him to his chair. Matteo was already hard and waiting for her was torture.

She sat him down and put her cup of brandy down, unbuttoned what was left of her long coat. Before she pulled the coat off her shoulders, she produced a gold coin from the coat. She stood there naked, her eyes, cold and challenging.

She picked up her brandy, her excitement almost euphoric made her nervous. A cup of alcohol in her right hand and a shining gold coin of ancient Egyptian origin in the other while wearing nothing but heels gave Matteo the image of an unknown primordial goddess.

Her glass of brandy represented life and the gold coin represented wealth. It was a pervasive thought and it aroused Matteo so much. Suddenly, her voice invaded his carnal thoughts.

"I have come to you with a game, a proposition, or a gamble. Whatever you would call it," Lexi said, staring intently into Matteo’s blue eyes; daring him silently.

She knew he loved his women submissive but Lexi was far from submissive. She dared him at every opportunity, took his punishment with insane tolerance and always wanted more.

Lexi loved to play countless sick twisted games whenever they met. It physically, mentally and emotionally drained him a few times.

"What do you have in mind?" Matteo asked, his interest had risen.

Organic solid gold, heavy with thick deep inscriptions. Each side of the coin had different faces carved on them. The coin was resting on Matteo's right palm. Lexi had lightly tossed him the coin to check its quality. He was not going to fall for a fixed game. He tossed it back at her and she deftly caught it.

Matteo poured himself another glass of brandy and drank while waiting for Lexi's gamble.

"You took a good look at the coin I presume, so let's play a game of heads or tail, best one out of one," Lexi continued.

"I chose tails," Matteo blurted out unexpectedly. He was finding it hard to focus. His cock was straining against his trousers. He wanted to get up and crush her into him but he restrained himself.

"The rules of the game are quite simple. Heads, you do what I say for an hour. Tails, I do whatever fucked up shit’s on your mind," Lexi said.

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