Roman Dear Ex-Wife, You Are MINE! chapitre Chapitre 8


The limousine stopped in front of one of the old convention halls in New York. Stepping out of the car, I stood straight. Camilla slipped out after me and latched onto my arm. I held back a growl of frustration, wishing it was just beside me instead.

It felt as though things were so out of control. But I would find a way to make it right soon. I just had to get through that night, and everything would be fine. With long strides, I headed for the entrance.

“Why are you in a rush, Al?” Camilla asked, sounding all too innocent, making me wonder how I hadn’t seen through her before.

“Just follow me silently if you don’t want to go back home,” I said, coldly, keeping my eyes on the entrance.

I didn’t hear any words from her, just a faded disappointed grunt.

After checking in, we went inside to our table in the VIP section. As I turned to take my seat, I stopped short. Victoria was there in a red party dress with her shoulder-length hair combed back and bright red lips that matched her dress. She looked stunning.

Then I noticed others staring at her ravishing beauty, and my blood boiled, not wanting them to eye my wife like that.

But wait. Why was she there? And how? She only ever went to business parties as my companion. Had she known I was coming? Did she know I was watching her? No. Her movements gave me no indication that she noticed me.

Meanwhile, everything in me wished she’d see me and sit next to me.

Then another thought crossed my mind. Who was she with? The thought of someone else with her both frustrated and suffocated me. My eyes darted around her to locate the culprit.

“Why the fuck is she here?” Camilla asked, then held my arm tightly. “This event is too low-class. How can someone like her be allowed in? I don’t think you make the right choice to come here, Al.”

My already sour mood turned even more sour. She had no shame. Worse, she’d spoken too loudly, drawing the attention of others. Victoria had heard as well. She peered at us, and to my disappointment, simply smiled before shifting her eyes away.

Barely any reaction? She’d remained calm, as though Camilla’s words didn’t matter.

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