Roman Divorcing My Ruthless Husband chapitre Chapitre 1

Summer’s Point of View

I married the youngest handsome rich guy like I've ever dreamed of.

It was our third year anniversary and yet this was the gift he gave me. A divorce paper.

I used to think that my life would be complete when he would choose to stay with me, but I was wrong. Those three years “together” felt hollow, as our relationship could not be considered a genuine marriage, since he never gave us the opportunity to build a family together.

Why did he marry me again? Oh, I already had forgotten.

He is rarely in my presence. Most of the time, I only hear about him on the TV news.

[Breaking News! Steven Carter was spotted having dinner with Amby Black, a famous model and actress at a VIP Premium restaurant. It was widely believed that the two of them had had an intimate connection since childhood. Could this possibly be a suggestion that the feelings we believed had been extinguished will be reignited?]

The news I heard didn't seem to register in my mind.

In the darkness of my room, the TV provided a faint glow. The air conditioner was blowing a chill, leaving a palpable heaviness in the atmosphere. I was just about to reach for the remote to turn off the TV when my phone buzzed.

Name on that massage showed: Hubbie ♡ Steven Carter

I clicked open.

[I have sent the divorce papers. All that's left is for you to sign your name on the documents.]

Although he has threatened to divorce me many times and I clearly understand what a stupid role I play in this marriage. But I still find it hard to believe that he actually did it.

I felt a wave of dread when I read the text message. ‘Who am I fooling? Myself? Why can’t I accept the fact that I need to leave this marriage? What else am I holding on to?’

As the salty tears streamed down my face, I felt an aching emptiness, and the taste of despair lingered on my tongue. The simple text message on the screen was distorted by the water in my eyes, making it hard for me to read. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I touched the words letter by letter, as if my chest were being pounded with every beat of my heart.

Steven, why do I find it so difficult to love you?

Amidst the pain and the heaviness I was feeling, I shed some tears for a few minutes before gathering my strength to take my suitcase and pack the clothes I required for my departure.

As I packed my suitcase, my vision blurred from tears streaming down my face, and I could barely make out the clothes and items I threw inside of it.

I was feeling lost in terms of what my next move should be, and I was not sure where I should head, but all I knew was that I needed to take some fresh breaths right now.

I exited through the large door, the rain was coming down in a torrential downpour. The sound of thunder and the intensity of the lightning were so terrifying that I felt like I was the one being chosen to suffer their wrath.

Chapter 1: Divorce 1


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