Roman Divorcing My Ruthless Husband chapitre Chapitre 2

Summer’s Point of View

[One Month Later]

“Just don’t push yourself too much. I am confident that you will make a speedy recovery.”

I was relieved when the doctor told me the news and I couldn't help but smile, feeling the pain in my head subside.

For the initial weeks following my awakening, it felt like my brain was being freshly plucked from my head and the pain was unremitting. The doctor told me that this was one effect of the memory loss I experienced from the trauma of the accident.

To tell the truth, I didn't remember the details of how I got into the accident or what caused it. But I saw messages on my phone.

“Thank you, Doc,” I replied to the female doctor, then returned her with a small smile.

She smiled at me in return and then went on her way.

The moment she stepped out of the room, I picked up my damaged phone again and swiped it open, reading the message that still left me baffled and confused.

[I’m going home tonight and by the time I get home you should have signed the divorce paper.]

My life had been a blind journey for a month after the accident occurred. Nonetheless, one thing was for sure, I failed to sign a divorce paper because of this accident and the person who was asking for my signature didn't even show up here.


“Celine, did you buy the food I was telling you about?” I looked away from my phone and asked with a smile, when the door opened.

Nonetheless, my happiness was short-lived when I saw that the person standing there was not Celine, but a man with a stern and serious expression.

His eyebrows were thick and well groomed, with his red lips curved into a mischievous grin that seemed to tease. He had a dark aura that surrounded him and his tall stature, combined with his dark eyes, was intimidating. His clothing was a definitely custom-made suit, which made it look as if he had just returned from a business trip.

As our eyes met and we remained there for what felt like forever, I couldn't help but speak, “Uh... You must have taken a wrong turn - this isn't the room you're looking for.”

After I had said my piece, his grin appeared to be more radiant, and I felt my breath hitch because of the additional elegance it added to his handsome face. Although I couldn’t explain it, his smile had a powerful effect on me. He was seeing with impatience even the smile was still hanging on his face, and his hands were clenched, like he was trying to hold back his rage.

“Summer Ramey Carter! You may not want a divorce, but putting your life in danger to prevent it from happening is going too far! You look so desperate! Are you able to envision your current situation now?!” His voice was not loud, but it was saturated with fury, and it gradually rose.

I frowned and remained in bewilderment, not understanding what he had just said, and then I suddenly recalled Celine's words when she described my "husband" to me.

Chapter 2: I agree to divorce 1

Chapter 2: I agree to divorce 2


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