Roman Divorcing My Ruthless Husband chapitre Chapitre 3

Summer's Point of View

A heavy stillness descended upon us, so loud it felt like a deafening silence. My ears felt as though they were completely numb, and I could practically hear the chirping of crickets. The phrase that I shared with him was like a moment of enlightenment.

Not even a trace of surprise was visible in his eyes anymore, but his expression had become a bit more gentle. Even though it seemed unlikely, I still held onto a spark of hope that perhaps what Celine had said about my husband was all made up and that the news had been twisted, intending to damage his reputation.

Nonetheless, my hope dwindled to nothing when he asked me with a much colder and callous question, "When?"

The once complete heart I had has been slowly breaking apart, leaving it more and more fragmented.

My head was wrapped in thick gauze and I couldn't move because of the casts on my hand and foot. He turned a blind eye to my current situation. He had not bothered to ask a word about it since entering the ward, but had the audacity to ask me about the divorce only.

Obviously, I'm just a loser in this marriage. Both in the past and present.

With a bitter smile on my face, I stared into his eyes and answered his query, “Do not fret, when I am released from the hospital I shall contact you right away so that the divorce documents can be expedited and the process can be advanced.”

He gazed at me seriously, then slowly made his way out of the door. But before he could finally go out the door, I heard his closing words, "Very well."

When he left, a sense of relief washed over me, as if a thorn that had been embedded in my chest had been removed.

Being in the same room and having that small space between us, I felt something I couldn't explain; it was almost like if he touched me, my heart would shatter into a million pieces. I never imagined that it was possible to experience a mixture of nervousness, pain, and joy all at the same time.

When I had yet another headache, I lay down, hoping it would help the pain subside and erase the thoughts running through my brain.

Another month passed without Steven visiting the hospital again. Since our marriage was not officially over, he should have at least bid me a polite "hello" out of respect, yet I neither saw nor heard any sign of him...

Until the day came when I was finally discharged.

“Congratulations on your discharge, Missus Carter! And since today is your discharge, I brought you lots of food!” Celine greeted me warmly as she brought out the food she had cooked.

When she finished preparing the food, I couldn't help but think why she was doing it instead of my family members. For the duration of my two months of recovery, I was not graced with visitors. I was compelled to ask Celine because of this.

"Celine, when I was comatose, did no one visit me?"

I noticed her slight surprise, but she still answered, “I think so, Missus Carter. Given that I am the only one who visits you here consistently, if there is someone else, I can guess it must be Mr. Carter.”

“Then where is my family? Why didn’t they visit me?”

Without saying a single word, she simply shrugged her shoulders in response to my question. It was hard to believe that she knew nothing, and I was even more shocked that none of my family had attempted to find out about my situation for almost three months now.

It made me wonder...

"By the way, thank you so much for not leaving me. I can't thank you enough, Celine!" I took her hand and squeezed it.

With haste, she grabbed her hand away and placed it upon mine, then spoke in appreciation, “I must be the one saying thank you, Missus Carter. If it's not because of you, I don't know where I am today.”

Celine mentioned to me she became my secretary because of our accidental meeting and me helping her. Her father wanted to marry her off to a man she had never met, yet she ran away and escaped. However, all of her belongings, including her money, were stolen and that was the day I first met her.

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