Roman Found By The Lycan King chapitre Chapitre 1


“Happy birthday,” I whisper to myself as the clock ticks midnight.

I am eighteen!

I waited for the excitement to settle in, a new feeling of joy or anything. Nothing came, I felt the same way I did, slightly worse from when my brother, Damien kicked me in the ribs earlier, but the same nevertheless.

I sighed heavily, not that I expected anything different. No candles or surprise parties for me finally turning eighteen. The age every she-wolf looked forward too.

Not that the whole pack sees me as one, I don’t blame them since it’s not like I have a wolf.

My not having a wolf isn’t the only reason they hate me, being the bastard child of the alpha definitely didn’t make you likable. I was looked at as a disease in the pack, and I wished it was the type that made them avoid me. They like to torture me instead.

“Adriana, where the fuck are you?” my half-brother and also the future alpha bellows from the stairs.

Ignoring the pain in my upper half, I force myself up and as fast as I can and rush out to meet him before he repeats himself. We’ve done this a million times for me to know it wouldn’t end well for me.

“Yes, alpha.” I bowed when I reached where he was standing. He was my brother but I dared not call him by his name, that offense was punishable.

“Get me a glass of water from the kitchen.” He snarled at me in disgust. I barely nod before I start running down the stairs, he didn’t like incompetence and I liked my health.

If this were different I would have told him he was closer to the kitchen than I was, and coming up to call me was unnecessary and even more work than it would have taken for him to get his own water, but I wasn’t that brave so I kept shut and did as he said.

There was no one in the kitchen when I got there. Being the alpha’s daughter, although from unfortunate circumstances, you would think at least the pack members thought of that before bullying me and calling me names. Without a wolf I was as weak as an omega, and the fact that my mother was human didn’t help me at all.

I crouched and gripped the side of the counter, holding myself up. My breath was labored, my body deciding walking down the stairs was a serious work.

Unlike most packs, the alpha’s house is different and we don’t all live in the pack house. Others may decide to stay there because of the free amenities but most pack members prefer to have their own place, because of privacy.

In my eighteen years of life, and fifteen years in this pack, I could count the number of times I’ve been inside the pack house.

My father, also the alpha, said I have no business going there since I wasn’t a wolf. Technically I was, or in simpler terms, I wasn’t human.

I had abilities like your usual wolf, I’m faster than humans and have a more advanced hearing but not as good as a wolf’s, and my healing abilities were second to none in terms of being a wolf. In short, I was a disappointment to my family.

“Why are you wasting my time?!” Damien’s angry growl forced me into an upright position.

“I’m sorr—“he glared at me, cutting off my baseless apology.

“Bring three coffees up to the office,” I nodded immediately and forced my feet to move.

Damien turned and started walking out of the kitchen, I held my breath when he stopped abruptly.

“You better be fast if you know what’s good for you.” Is the last thing he said before storming out.

Taking his word for it, because I know he isn’t the type to bluff, I quickly started sorting out the coffee beans and brought out their mugs to make the coffee.

While I waited for it to brew, I let my mind wander, thinking of how my life would have been if my mother had just kept me instead of bringing me back to my father. I didn’t have memories of her, only what I was told. She brought me to the pack when I was three because she didn’t want to raise an abomination.

That was what everyone said, but in my mind, she did what she had to do. It was only to console myself from the actual truth that she didn’t want me, just like my father doesn’t want me now.

“Adriana!” the angry growl pulled me from my trance.

“I’m coming.” I replied loudly and quickly started serving their coffee. The last thing I wanted was for him to come back, or worse, his younger brother and my other brother, his name is Carlson and he is a year older than me. He is to be the beta and he is even worse than Damien.

I placed all three mugs on a tray and headed for the alpha’s home office. It was on the ground floor and not very far from the kitchen.

I was almost by the door when my ears picked up on something that made me stop in my steps.

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