Roman Found By The Lycan King chapitre Chapitre 6


I jerked up, feeling someone's presence near me, my heart raced in my chest and I backed away instinctively until I hit the headboard. I didn't even care to let my eyes focus enough to see who was with me, I just felt a presence and immediately my body reacted the best way it knew how. The last time someone entered my room when I was sleeping, they tried to force themselves on me.

"Don't be afraid, princess," a soft voice whispered, like if he spoke any louder I would sprint. I might. "It’s me, Aiden. I was just checking on you to make sure you were okay." my eyes snapped up and sure enough, the large man was hunched over the bed, looking down at me with worried eyes.

I still moved back a little, searching my brain for the memories that seemed vague.

I studied him for a moment, trying to steady my breathing as my memories slowly pieced themselves.

The party, the lycan king, me running away and feeling dizzy, falling and everything going black, the warrior that gave me food and a potion to drink. He was in a sleeveless shirt, his bulging biceps and broad shoulders tapering down his waist. His chest was on display from the low V of his tank top, his muscles defined and well-trained. The body of a man that trained a lot.

I let out a sigh of relief and stretched, feeling more relaxed now that everything has come back to my mind. "Oh, right. Sorry, I was just a little confused."

Aiden smiled. "That's understandable. You were pretty out of it. How are you feeling now?" He asked, his soft gaze watching me.

I thought about it for a moment. "I feel a lot better. I must have passed out after taking that potion. My leg still hurts, but it's not as bad as it was before." I explained. Since I didn’t have a wolf, my healing process was a lot slower than normal wolves.

"That's good to hear," Aiden said, standing up. "It’s good to know you're awake and doing better. Get some rest, we need to talk. I'll check on you later. I have a few questions." something in my stomach churned but I managed to nod and try to smile.

I watched as he left the room, closing the door behind him. It was nice to know that someone was looking out for me. It’s something I’ve never had even from the people I called family. Though I was still a bit skeptical, he hasn't done anything up till now that shows he has bad intentions, so I guess it means I could trust him.

I was deep in thought when a soft knock came on the door. My first reaction was panic before I told myself it was probably just Aiden, and if he wanted to hurt me. He had plenty o f time to do that when I was unconscious and defenseless. I was still defenseless but he didn't know that.

The door opened moments later and he walked in, his steps unhurried. His large form moving with grace you wouldn't think he was capable of achieving.

“Hope you are well rested now,” he started. He moved to the bench I'd sat in earlier and lowered himself to it. His large form folded as he sat, the chair squeaked under his weight, he didn't look worried that it would break or anything.

“What is your name?” he asks. I stared at him in panic, aware that he could hear the crazy way my heart was beating. I didn't have a way to stop it so I just watched him. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I know you’re doing it for your safety, but I need to know who you are.”

When I didn't say anything, I expected him to blow up but he just sat, looking deep in thought.

"I get that you’re running,” he started, he waited for me to confirm that. I just stayed quiet, staring at him with what I hope is an empty expression. “And if I'm going to try and help you, I need to know who or what you're running from?"

I hesitated, not wanting to reveal the truth. If I told him that I was Alpha Jameson Peirce’s daughter, the daughter of an alpha from a neighboring pack, even if he didn't belong to any of the packs close by, he would still be duty-bound to report me to my father. And if my father found out that I had been running, he would be even more determined to marry me off as soon as possible so I could be trapped forever. I don’t even want to think of what the lycan king would do to me if he heard of what I did. If he doesn't already know, that is.

I didn’t know his stance on the marriage but it was a slap to his face, the highest form of insult for him. I had disrespected him by running and the consequences would be dire for me. After hearing all the things I have about him, death would be the only escape for me. That is if he doesn’t get to me and kills me first. Except, he wouldn't, he is known for his crazy torture techniques.

"I am running from my alpha," I admitted silently, trying to keep my voice steady. "He wants to sell me off to a man who isn’t my mate." The emotions won as I stuttered through the words.

Aiden frowned, his brow furrowed. "I see," he muttered, his voice laced with skepticism. "And who is this alpha?"

I hesitated again, trying to think of what to say that wouldn't immediately make him connect the dots. "I am sorry but I can’t tell you that," I went for the safest option which was telling him nothing, hoping that he wouldn't ask any more questions. Thankfully, he didn’t.

Aiden seemed to consider this for a moment, his expression softened slightly. "I'll help you," he said finally. "But you have to promise me that you'll not attempt to run until you're well enough to leave. I can't risk the Alpha finding out where you are."

I nodded, relief washing over me. "Thank you," I said, tears welling up in my eyes. "I promise I won’t run."

Aiden gave me a curt nod and got up to leave the room. "I'll bring you more food and water," he said over his shoulder. "Rest and get your strength back. We'll figure out a plan to get you out of here."

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