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Frederick dialed a number with a sense of urgency, his impatience evident in the rapid succession of beeps.

“I asked you to gather information about a certain lady. Did you do that?” Frederick inquired as soon as the call connected.

“Yes sir, I did,” the voice from the other line promptly replied.

“So what did you find out?” Frederick queried.

After a few seconds of fumbling from the other side, he finally replied:

“Her name is Rosaline Robinson; she’s 23. She has jet black hair, an oval face, eyeballs are black, heart-shaped lips, and…”

“Isaac,” Frederick interjected, making him trail off.

“Ye-yes, sir,” he answered.

“I need important details.”

“Alright, sir_,” he said. A few seconds later, he began again:

“Her wedding was on the same day as yours and the same venue as well. She thought you were sent to represent her groom, so she married you, and now she’s your wife. Soon you’ll have children toge….”

“That’s enough, Isaac. Just email everything to me and inform the chauffeur to get the car ready. I’ll be leaving in 30 minutes,” Frederick said, then hung up and headed for the bathroom. Once he was done showering, he went over to his laptop to check his mail. After going through the mail, he realized that everything Rosaline had told him was true. He made up his mind to at least save her company before divorcing her.

With this thought in mind, he went over to his dressing room to get dressed. On emerging from there, he heard a knock on his door.

“Come in,” he said, eyes fixed on the door, waiting to identify the knocker. The door swung open, revealing his dad.

“Have a seat, Fred. We need to talk before you leave,” his dad said, motioning towards the bed.

“Talk about what?” He asked.

“Well, I know you’re probably thinking of divorcing your wife as soon as possible,” his dad began.

“Yes, that’s the right thing any reasonable human being would do.”

“That means you’ll have to be unreasonable.”

“What are you implying?” Frederick asked.

“Listen, Fred, whatever I’m about to say, you have to reason it from a businessman’s perspective,” he looked at Frederick to make sure he was listening, then continued:

“There are articles stating that your marriage was an accident, and such isn’t good for the company’s reputation. I want you to keep your wife by your side for at least six months to prove these reporters wrong. After that, we can find a good reason for you to divorce her.”

After a few seconds of silence, Frederick finally spoke up. “As a man, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that, Dad, but as you said, I can’t put my company’s reputation in jeopardy. I’ll only do it if you promise to get information about Zara’s whereabouts.”

Keep her by your side for six months 1

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