Roman HIRED AS A BILLIONAIRE'S WIFE chapitre Chapitre 1

(Anastasia's POV)

I wake up swamped in my light blue covers, rubbing my eyes as the bright sunlight hits them. I glance over at my clock which is marked 8:05 am.

Oh shit! I am gonna be late!

Dashing off from the bed and quickly take a shower. As soon I was finished, I dressed in a white plain T-shirt and partnered it down with denim blue pants and black Converse. I apply a powder and lilting to my bare face before I brush my hair and tie it into a neat bun that rested on top of my head. I exited my apartment and headed to the Latte Cafe where I work as a cashier.

Once I arrived, I stride inside the shop and was greeted by a warm smile from my co-worker.

"Good morning, Ana."

"Good morning, Jane," I respond.

After I set my belongings in my locker, I help Jane to set up everything before the customer dashes in. While doing our chores, Mrs. Smith arrived at the shop with a profound countenance.

"Ms. Hansley, to my office now." she coldly states.

I glance at Jane but she just shrugged while having that confused face, so do I.

As I followed Mrs. Smith upstairs to her office on the second floor. Every step I take gives me a thud in my chest.

Sitting on the couch, she shortly throws a brown envelope on the table, containing full of pictures. My heart suddenly plumps a beat as I stare at the picture of me... with Mr. Smith.

"You are the mistress of my husband." she suddenly said with her gritted teeth.

Looking at her with widened eyes, I deny her accusation. "N-no Mrs. Smith. I-I just help your husband to pick a gift for your birthday, he asks for my help!"

"I do not believe in you! On my birthday, I never received jewelry from him! And it turns out that you are wearing a new necklace the next day! Do you think you can fool me?"

"B-But I--"

"GET OUT!! Don't give me a bullshit explanation, I would never believe in your words! YOU'RE FIRED!"


"No. Please... Mrs. Smith. I need a job right now. Plea--" I kneel in front of her, begging her not to fire me while clasping both of my palms.

But she seizes my arm and yanks me out of the shop, throwing my things on the floor, with raging eyes darted on mine.

"P-Please Mrs. Smith!! I'm begging you!" I pleaded, but instead, I received a smack with a loud thud on my right cheek. For a second, everything became faint as I stare at her, full of tears.

"Leave! Or else I will throw you inside the prison!" she angrily strode inside the shop, leaving me alone with no remorse, crying about this situation I state in.

I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not a mistress of her husband. I will never be.

What did I do to deserve all of this?

Wiping my tears, I reach out my things scattered on the ground. I shouldn't stand here and cry like a pathetic human being. As much as possible, I needed to find a new job.

The employment office is quite near so I sprint to the office. But then, I almost fell on the ground when I bumped into something hard.

"HEY! Watch where you going!!" he scowls.

It's a man.

In a state of shock, I saw how the coffee stain splattered on his clothes. And it's a Goddamn white polo shirt!!

I immediately wipe his clothes using my pink hankie. "I'm so sorry!" He just stood still there in front of me without any words.

Why am I so clumsy? This coat looks expensive. What if he will ask for the laundry or buy him a new one? How can I pay him?

"I'm sorry," I said again in a low tone, controlling my sobs as a pool of tears starts to fall through my eyes which I abruptly wipes while sniffing.

It's so embarrassing if he sees me, looking so pathetic.

I heard him sigh and hold my arms to cease what I am doing but I lowered my head in embarrassment. He must be losing his patience now. Seeing his designer shoes, suitcase, and leather pants, maybe his shirt is also expensive. How can I pay him? I'm losing my mind here.

"Just..." he pauses for a second before I heard him sighing. "Just buy me a new coffee,"

Surprisingly, I lifted my head and meet his dark brown eyes. My cheeks suddenly warmed by his gentle stares looking down at mine.

Wait... Coffee?



With a confused face, I nodded. "O-okay."

That must be a good call, right?

We headed to the nearest coffee shop and ordered one Americano. Thank God, the coffee is not expensive.

While waiting at the counter, I took a glance at him in the small room. He was sitting in the corner while staring outside as if he was deep in thought.

He was like a male character in a drama with those shiny shimmering effects around him. He looks dramatic. But staring at his masculine build with a tan complexion, a pointed nose, and a newly shaved beard around his mouth, he indeed has a strong sex appeal, totally handsome. His overall appearance screams wealth, but his deep brown eyes show differently. It looks... Empty.

My deep thought was disturbed when the cashier handed me the coffee. I went straight to the table where he was waiting for me.

I gave him his Americano.

"Sit," he ordered.

Sighing, I sit in front of him. I do not have any choice but to obey him, rather than pay for the damage to his shirt.

However, after a moment of silence, he did not say anything. I glance at him as he is busy taking a sip of his coffee. Maybe he wants me here until he wraps up his drink.

"Do you need money?" he suddenly asked.

I abruptly darted at him. What's wrong with this man? Yes, I need money. Does he think I intended to bump with him like a hoax woman, for money?

Sighing, I stood up and was ready to leave when he spoke again.

"I have a job offer for you."

I halted in my trance.

Job offer?

He looks serious. "If you are good with the job. I can give you more money." I doubted what he said. "I know, you're hesitant to talk to a stranger like me but..." he looked at his watch then glance back at me. "I can give you my card as your reference for my identity. I'm expecting you to accept my offer within this week." he places the business card on the table and rushes outside.

I stare at his back while he was walking away until he strode inside the black sedan, and faded out of my sight.

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