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(Caleb's POV)

It was finally the night of the most awaited annual Carter charity event. Unfortunately, I have been feeling under the weather since this morning after waking up from a killer headache.

Because of this event, my workload is packed more than ever and I had been traveling back and forth from the Carter main headquarters to several branches to handle management matters personally without a day's rest.

I may love working but I also know how to appreciate rest days once in a while. And right now, spending some time alone in my penthouse with a cup of coffee and a book sounded good.

I casually fixed my tux while looking at my reflection in the glass window of the library.

A part of me is relieved that Lucas is handling the problem regarding my father's Will. Of course, I trusted my cousin. Josh is clever, smart, and an overall good kid. He's a Carter after all but I can't help but worry about him. Sometimes, there's a look on his face that spells trouble. I just hope that things will turn out fine.

The butler, Rick, appeared in the library doorway after knocking on the open door. "Sir? your secretary is here."

Sudden spots flashed in my vision and I had to hold on to a nearby wall to keep myself from getting out of balance.

"Are you alright, sir? You look pale and unwell." the butler was immediately on my side, supporting me. My suit jacket was on his other hand, while the other was on my back.

"I'm fine. Thanks, Rick." I accepted the butler's assistance who was holding out my suit jacket open for me as I smoothly slides my arms inside it.

"Shall I call for the doctor, sir?"

I shook my head slightly, " Just get me some medicine for my headache."

"Understood. I will let your secretary in shortly."

After downing a tablet of medicine for my raging headache, Kent, his secretary, came into my office wearing a red suit and a full-face skull mask.

If Rick didn't tell me of my secretary's arrival, I would have mistaken him for some lunatic who got past the mansion's security.

"What in the world are you wearing?"

Kent was putting a paper bag on top of my desk when his hand froze midway. "S-sir?"

"Do you have another event to attend that I don't know of?"

"N-no, sir." Kent immediately answered me, "I'll only be at the Carter charity event." I was now looking at him as if he's been spouting nonsense which made Kent even more confused.

"What's the mask for then?"

"It's for the charity event, sir. It's a masquerade-themed party that you approved of yourself a few days ago."

A looming headache threatened me once again as if I hadn't taken medicine to ease the previous one. I let my body collapse on the leather sofa before running a hand over my face.

I swore I looked over everything before signing it for approval. Damn it. How did I miss this?

It was no use thinking about this anymore though. It's not like the event theme can be changed when everything's already set for tonight. There should be no more room for any more mistakes.

The night's not even started yet but I have already let out another exhausted sigh. Truthfully, this has never happened before because I rarely made mistakes when it comes to working. I really must be sick then.

Limousines and expensive cars queued up on the long and wide driveway. The women wore lavish dresses and glittering jewelry while the men are in tuxedos and expensive-looking clothes. Their eyes are covered with a variety of colorful and plain masks as they walk up the red carpet leading to the entrance of the building. Some stay to pose for the dozens of cameras flashing even almost blinding my eyes.

The vehicle went to a stop when the building where the event is being held came into view. I went out of the car before smoothening the lapels of my suit jacket as soon as I reached the walkway to the entrance.

"He's here!"

As soon as one reporter spotted me, everyone else followed, and in a second, the media was all over the man. Cameras started to record my every move at every angle so I quickened my pace since the blinding flashes were making my headache return.

Rick followed me from behind as the Carter security team assigned for the event held the media back to make way for us.

"Caleb look at the camera!"

"Looking good tonight, Caleb!"

"How does it feel to be a part of the top 100 most attractive men alive?"

The reporters continued to probe me while their phone recorders and microphones are practically shoved at my face if not for my security team.

"Sir, are the rumors true that Mrs. Cecille Carter will take over the Carter Enterprise?"

That one last comment made me stop in my tracks. I never entertained the media if it was not an official interview set up by the company but this comment pushed my patience to the limits.

How in the heavens were they even able to know that? I made sure the security of company information was kept tight so, why?

Breathing in slowly, I brushed the comment off, not giving anyone room for satisfaction while I resumed walking down the red carpet to the revolving glass door of the building.

Once I entered the venue, I spotted Cecille Carter, my stepmother, she bid goodbye to the social circle of wives she's been chatting with and gracefully made her way to me.

"Caleb," she called and the look of disapproval on my face made her want to laugh.

If it was up to him, I wouldn't let Cecille attend this party. I never treat her as a second mother because she never treated me as a son too. It is pretty obvious that she only wants the money of my sick father. She's a nurse of my father, maybe she seduced my father and they ended up getting married. But after a month, my father passed away. I know this is her plan. To steal my inheritance, even this company that my father and I worked hard for.

"What are you doing here?" I ask while not looking straight at her. Her face makes me annoyed.

"You don't look so good." she began while taking my hand to hers, "-In fact, you look sick. I think you should go home for tonight."

I pulled my hands from her. She's acting. Looking worried? As if!

"I'm okay." the tone of my voice came out hard and it sounded mad.

She smirked.

I was about to argue with her when an old man's laugh reached both of our ears.

"Cecille!" the voice called and Cecille greet the man walking toward us.

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