Roman HIRED AS A BILLIONAIRE'S WIFE chapitre Chapitre 3

(Anastasia's POV)

I followed Mr. Carter. to a private parking lot where all the VIP vehicles are. He unlocked the trunk of his car and took out a brown leather duffle bag, and pulled out a white cotton towel.

"Dry yourself first. I don't want you to catch a cold." he handed me the towel before putting the bag back in the trunk. He then unlocked the driver's seat and motioned his hand at me to get on the other side.

"I'll dry myself first. I don't want to ruin the seats. They look expensive."

He rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt to his elbows, "It doesn't matter, you can do it inside. Now, get in before someone sees you."

Reminding me of how scary reporters can be, I hurriedly hopped in the passenger seat.

He started to move out of the car from the parking lot with ease. "So, what's this important thing you were going to tell me?"

I looked outside the windows as they go past building by building. "W-where are we going?" I also noticed how the rain seemed to have also calmed down a bit.

"You looked like you wanted some privacy and this is the only private space I could think of right now," he began before turning left to enter the highway. "-I can't go back to my office. The press must have already camped outside my building." his mouth curved up a little. "-My other properties are too far from here and you look like you needed something urgent so we're here." He glanced at me.

"B-but why...?" I fiddled with my fingers as I wondered why is he suddenly treating me well.

"Why what?" this time his eyes remained on the road as the rain began to get heavier once again.

"Why are you being good to me?" the question came out more like a whisper as I continued to stare at my lap, afraid to look the man in the eye.

He let out a chuckle, "My mother raised me better than you think. I can also empathize with people who look at me like I'm their last string of hope."

I felt my cheeks go warm and shame began to flood my senses.

A ghost of a smile appeared on his face, "So, what were you going to tell me?"

Silence hovered over us again before I started to speak, "About that...I decided to take your offer-" I began. "-on one condition." but I quickly added before he had the chance to respond. "I know it's not my place to give out conditions but if you agree to this, I'll do anything you want." I felt relieved that my voice didn't waver as I said that.

He then gave me a sideways glance before pulling the car over to the side, "What condition?" he finally said while facing me for the first time since we went on a drive.

I clenched my clothes. This is good. He's willing to listen which should mean that he'll try to consider what I'll say.

"Please help me find a shelter right now. We... We were just kicked out and my father's debt is pushing us to pay this instant or else they will put my mother in jail as she is the benefactor of my father's debt but I was just fired yesterday, so I... I don't know where I should go. Until... You offered me this kind of job." I didn't care now if that came out as a rumble. He has to know so he'll see how desperate I am right now.

He watched me for a few more seconds before nodding his head, "Are you sure? You can't turn back this time around..."

I earnestly nodded my head feeling relieved that his response sounded positive to me. "Yes, I'm sure."

He fastened himself to his seat, started the car again, and went back on the road.

I felt surreal that my plan worked. He agreed to my condition. My hand shook in relief while my eyes teared up a little. I am getting help for them and I am more than glad for it than getting nothing at all.

I wondered if it was worth selling my soul to the devil for this but thinking about how this has given me the slightest chance to find a shelter for my family and pay all the debts then all my doubts immediately vanish.

We were about to enter a subdivision. Wait... This is a Forbes Park an exclusive subdivision. Is this where he lives?

"There might be a few people from the press waiting outside so I suggest you keep your head down. I can't promise that your picture won't get taken but I'll do my best to cover you so stay close to me."

I nodded at him in response and just as Mr. Carter has predicted, reporters were scattered outside the subdivision holding their cameras and mics getting ready whenever they have a chance to spot Mr. Carter. However, calling them few is an understatement. Some even had tents prepared to camp outside the tower while others have large vans with them to accommodate their whole media crew.

"Are they always like this?"

"No, there are better days where they get tired of you for a whole week." He assured her, "-I believe they're just like that because of the engagement announcement. Their numbers should eventually die down in about a month or so."


Are people curious about this man's private life? I thought looking at him before noticing security men running after us as soon as they sees the car arrive. They also seemed to have memorized Mr. Carter's cars as they get their cameras ready when they spotted his car drive along the curb that leads to the subdivision.

"The security team will stop the press from getting close but it won't stop them from taking pictures so just do what I told you and we'll be inside the building before you know it."


True to his words, Mr. Carter did his best to keep me by his side to cover me from the press, and in just a few minutes, we were already inside the subdivision.

We entered a big gate only to find a spacious yard. My jaw was left hanging in an exquisite house in front of me. Each corner of the wall of the house was beautifully carved, and the designs were made with complete care. With the combination of sky blue and spotless white paint, it was looking like a palace from a fairyland. Greeneries around the mansion were adding more beauty to it.

He stops the car at the entrance of the clean white huge door. Sturdy three-story residence designed without the least imagination.

A man is standing in front of the closed door. Mr. Carter got off the car and I unbuckled my seatbelt. Suddenly Mr. Carter opens my door and signals me to get off.

The huge door opens and revealed the large living area features a foyer with a groined vaulted ceiling, crystal chandelier, and a grand single staircase with a wrought-iron and gold balustrade. The dramatic great room, with its 37-foot-high, arched cathedral ceiling, has a three-level bay of Palladian windows.

"I had my lawyer write a new contract and it should be ready today."

"Oh... Okay." I nod in response.

We walk upstairs with a grand single staircase that sets a refined tone, a grand French-inspired manor.

When we reached the second floor, my eyes widen as we entered the room filled with books.

It looks like a library, with its richly carved bookcases, was as indiscriminately filled as the dusty shelves of a street book s and. This stately library, perpetually smelling of morocco, varnish, and new carpet, with its richly carved rosewood, plate glass, and book-backs of gilt was solely kept as one of the series of show-rooms in which Mr. Carter delighted in displaying his money's worth. I carefully sat on the white sofa while my eyes roamed around the room.

He takes out two bottled water from a fridge. He opened the bottled water before handing it to me and then doing the same thing to the other one for himself. He quickly swigged it down in one drink.

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