Roman HIRED AS A BILLIONAIRE'S WIFE chapitre Chapitre 6

(Caleb's POV)

The sun rays that peeked through the window collided with my face causing me to bring the covers over my head. I rub my eyes and sit up before realizing that it's already morning.

Laying back down on the bed with a sigh as I place my arm over my forehead. I am exhausted from my paper works as I need to finish reviewing the important documents before my wedding this week.

The grumble of my stomach distracts me from my thoughts and I decided to go find something to eat. I walk out of the bed and come out at the main staircase. I let my nose guide the way. I could smell eggs, bacon, and best of all freshly made pancakes.

I enter the kitchen to find my chef and the back of a woman. The only thing I could see was her light brown blonde-tipped wavy long-length hair that seemed to shine in the light. She was wearing a red patterned flannel shirt dress and a pair of black boots.

The woman had turned around, and now I had a full view of her face. Her light blue eyes stared at me, it was Anastasia.

"Good morning, Mr. Carter." the chef, Fernando states as I try to shush him but I was too late.

"H-hey," she said as she glance at me.

I told Fernando to leave us first. "What are you doing here" I grab a piece of hotdog, then I look at her.

Why does she always look uncomfortable whenever she's with me? She looks stiff and careful.

"Uhmm... M-my mom, wants to m-meet you, sir." can't she drop the 'sir'?

"Just call me Caleb from now on. And I am planning to meet your family today too since I am done with my work. I can spend time today with you."

D-did I say that wrong? Spend time with her? Stupid Caleb.

"O-okay, C-Caleb. Uhmm... I made you breakfast, if... if you wouldn't mind." does she always stutter whenever talking to me?

"That's nice, join me then." I pulled the chair to the other side to make her sit.

"No! It's okay. I just came here to... to talk about you seeing m-my mom, if you only have time." she hurriedly picked up her bag at the counter but I grabbed her arm before passing me.

"I insist."

"O-okay." she sat in the opposite chair.

We ate silently. Only our spoons and plates are making a disturbed sound. I glance at her, she is focused on her food.

"Does..." I tried to break the silence. "Does your family knows about the contract?"

"N-no," she said in a low tone of voice.

"That's good, no one should know about the contract." she only nodded and continues eating the food on her plate.

"Also, what should I say to your mom? What story did you tell her about us? I must come prepared to make this successful."

"Just... just tell her y-you l-love me, and that you will t-take c-care of me. That's the only thing she wanted to hear from you."

I looked at her and felt bad. I suddenly felt pain in my chest. We have to come up with a lie to her mother for our grave sake.

"I'm sorry for making you lie to your Mother, Anastasia." she shakes her head and smiles.

"I'm sorry too Caleb for making you come up with a lie and seeing my mom."

Now I really felt bad.

"Let's... Let's just do this since we both agreed to do this, and we should go with the flow. After a year, we will be back to our old life as we wanted. Okay?" she agreed and continue to eat her food.

I sighed and back my focus on my food. After we finished our breakfast, we both decided to go straight to her condo unit to meet formally her mom and sister. I brought fruits and lunch because it was quarter to 11 am, it's Sunday and I decided to have lunch with her family.

As soon as she opens the door, I heard a loud voice coming from inside making me step back in confusion.

Anastasia lead me inside the unit and saw her sister laying sideways and her arms gives support on her head on the couch wearing a loose big-size shirt and sweatpants while putting junk food in her mouth and watching tv in front of her.

She glances in our direction and she immediately fixes herself including the snacks that are scattered on the couch and the carpet. I reluctantly smile, maybe that's the disadvantage if you have a younger sibling.

"Alice!" Anastasia's eyes bawl in anger.

"S-sorry! Hey, bro Caleb!" She jumps off the couch and runs over to us to give me a fist bump and I gladly accept it. She's kinda cool though.

"Alice! Watch your manners!" I gaze at Anastasia's mom coming out from the kitchen. She wears a black plain apron as she wipes her hand using the cloth on her shoulder.

"Good noon, Mrs. Hansley." She stops. Oh! Shit! I glance at Anastasia and she gives me a hard stare. "Uhmm... T-Tita, I brought lunch for us." She smiles and accepts the food and fruits covered in a plastic bag.

Why am I so nervous?


After I spent the day with Anastasia's family, I bid farewell to them. I like her sister, she acts manly, and that's maybe why we click as we both like basketball and video games.

So far, her mom has the same personality and attitude as Anastasia, they both look so vulnerable and hard to hate as they were always very considerate about everything. I didn't bother to ask about her father, even though I am curious as hell.

I was about to exit the building when my phone vibrates. A text message from Josh. Damn! It's the death anniversary of my grandfather. We are having dinner tonight together with my relatives and of course, with my stepmother, I am just hoping I won't see his son tonight or I might lose my temper again.

As I continue walking to my car, I stop and realize that maybe I should bring Anastasia to meet my family.

I texted her to come down and dress formally as we will have dinner tonight with my relatives. I waited outside the building as I lean in the passenger's doorway, crossing my arms, and keeps checking the time on my Rolex while waiting for her to come out.

Not so long after, I saw her running as she steps outside the building. I raised my arm for her to notice my presence.

As she keeps closing the distance between us, I stare at her. She's wearing a sleeveless fitted casual black dress that reveling her sculpted figure which was twine-thin as it suits her porcelain skin completion. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, coils of leaf-brown wavy hair. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she smiled widely. Even though she is just wearing simple makeup yet she stands out from the crowd.

"H-hey..." I didn't notice that she is already standing in front of me. She is out of breath.

"Why did you have to run? I can wait longer here." I looked away when I saw her sweat dripping down from her neck to her chest. Why did I even look at her sweat?

"W-wait, what was that family dinner you were talking about?" It was pretty obvious that she is nervous.

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