Roman His Broken Angel chapitre Chapitre 3

Angela sighed while staring out the window. He had his number yet he never bothered to inform her about his arrivals. She would always hear it from servants.

Despite his coldness, she was still enamored by him. Her stubborn heart was still fixated on this guy. His indifference only made her crave his attention more. She believed she was just what he wanted; he only had to take a look at her. Just one real look.

The news had sparked a silver of hope inside her.

She rose from the wheelchair and made her way towards the bed with the help of the wall. Her features twisting in pain as she forced her legs forward. She could feel sensation in her legs now owing to the numerous surgeries she underwent in past few years but walking was still an arduous task. The doctor had advised her to take physiotherapy and practice walking to strengthen her muscles. She had a few more surgeries to undergo. There was no guarantee the surgeries would heal her properly but Angela wanted to give it a try.

Although she used a wheelchair in public to not cause anyone inconvenience, when home she preferred walking around on her weak legs.

She cleaned her room and put a new bed spread on the bed. She sprayed the lily scented room freshener in every corner of the room remembering how Nicholas had inhaled the scent deeply last time. He liked it.

The woman shaved her body and used scented oil in the bath. She wanted to smell good. During the handful hours they had spent together she had figured Nicholas had a thing for scents. After taking shower she returned to her room. She threw a glance at the clock. She still had two hours. Nicholas always came around 11.

After dinner, she took her antidepressants and began sprucing herself up. The woman donned a yellow knee-length dress that brought the green in her eyes. She kept her wavy hair loose and applied light lipstick. Her heart was thudding in nervousness all along.

The time ticked away as she waited for his arrival with bated breath. Her gaze darting towards the closed door every now and then. She straightened her spine and rubbed her hands together to ease some of her nervousness.

The door suddenly opened and her heart skipped a beat just like every time he came in front of her. His intoxicating cologne dominated the room’s air instantly. Her eyes were lowered and her heart was racing. He affected her too much.

She heard his footsteps as he walked into his room. The room was originally his before he left the mansion. His footsteps were steady and solemn as if he had entered an office to have a meeting with his business partner and not to share some intimate moment with his wife.

She mustered up her strength and lifted her heavy lashes to look at him through the mirror. He was standing in front of the nightstand removing his rolex. Only he could make such a simple move this appealing. His side profile was just as breathtaking. She watched as his lashes kissed his cheek every time he blinked. A few strands of his hair were falling over his forehead. His straight nose looked even more chiseled and jaw sharp like a razor. She also noticed his hair had grown a bit since last time.

She was seeing him after a whole month. A whole month. Why he likes to torment her so much?

“Did you eat?” she asked by habit, already knowing his answer. He hummed without sparing her an acknowledging glance. She watched as he took off his jacket and started removing the cufflinks. She stared longingly at his callous hands. How much she wanted them to caress her. Tender sweet caresses that would speak of his love for her. The corner of her lips twitch into an unconscious smile.

If only she could eliminate this frustrating distance between them. She was desperate to be a part of his life.

“Umm….how was your flight?” she asked to stretch the conversation. Nicholas clenched his jaw before replying a curt “good.” He didn’t bother to look at her once. She nodded.

“I had a meeting with my doctor today, she said…..” Angela trailed off as he strode into the bathroom and closed the door shut. Clearly, he had no interest in her life.

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