Roman His Broken Angel chapitre Chapitre 5

Pine and Cedarwood. Exotic and soothing.

Her eyes flung open on their own as he swooped her up in his strong arms. They popped out in surprise to see the face she had least expected to see. Nikaulas. She had questions but right now she just wanted to live in the moment and admire his handsome hero. It was not every day her husband swooped in to rescue her. And what visuals. His firm jaw looked more defined from here. Without delaying she looped her arms around his neck. She watched him, dazed and confused as he carried her towards the dias while keeping his gaze ahead.

In a second, they were in front of the mic standing before hundreds of people. He carefully put her down and interlaced his hand with hers. She grabbed the dias with her free hand and leaned forward. A big grin on her face. She was nervous no doubt but for some reason, Nikaulas’ presence had calmed her frantic nerves. His large hand was now wrapped around her small ones and she felt…assured. Also she wanted to impress him. So there was no room for mistakes today.

“Thank you very much for having me here, Mrs. Becker. We often underestimate the importance of “little.” A small act of kindness can make someone’s life. Just a little bit of hope is enough to bring about the change………..” Angela gave her speech while wearing an affable smile.

“...........Love can make the impossible possible. Love pulls you back to your feet when others try to tear you down due to their jealousy…,” she added, referring to her husband, a soft blush tinting her cheeks. She was ecstatic. She was glosing from within. Nikaulas didn’t share her sentiments though. But at the same time he didn’t look as deadly as he usually looked.

“This world needs a little bit of love to get better and know that people pull you down only when you are above them,” Angela finished. The crowd rose in acclamation and hall resounded with applause, more so when Nikaulas bent and hoisted her up in his arms. She was blushing hard.

Nikaulas brought her down the stage and towards her seat. Graham was staring at Nikaulas with his mouth open and eyes wide as he sat her down. He was working for Angela for a long time to figure out her marital situation.

Nikaulas didn’t sit with her. He left.


The sunlight filtering through the gap between drapes woke Angela up. Her doe eyes shone like a morning dew on a green leaf under the soft light of the sun. They were wild and yet so serene just like a forest. Her lips twitched into a soft angelic smile as she snuggled deeper into her pillow. She was feeling lazy today. The entirety of her last night was spent grinning silly while reliving the memory her husband had gifted her all of a sudden. How many times she had gone over it. The way he had held her, saved her. It was a memory she was going to cherish forever.

It was an ordinary practice for a husband to hold his wife like that but their marriage was far from ordinary.

Maybe it was the beginning of her happily ever after.

She dared to hope that perhaps her days of pining had come to pass. Maybe the God above had finally listened to her prayer. She quickly sat up and joined her hands in prayer. She recited the lines Ara had taught her years ago and finished the prayer with a heartfelt thank you and a flying kiss to God before going about her life.

Nikaulas didn’t come home with her last night so she was certain that he had already left. Why he showed up last night she was still not sure. But she was taking it as a good sign. After all, he did come to save her last night. After taking her shower, she came out of her room, humming a tune.

Her bodyguard, Jonas, smiled when he saw his madam smiling and singing.

“It has to be a special day today,” Jonas commented, smiling. She had a very friendly relation with her staff.

I got that sunshine in my pocket

Got that good soul in my feet….

She replied in song, grinning while moving her upper body in sync. Jonas chuckled. It was a rare sight to see her this happy. But then she stumbled, causing Jonas to sweep forward to catch her. However, she caught herself before Jonas could help her.

“Do you want me to fetch your chair?” Jonas asked in a concerned tone. Angela was obsessed with walking on her legs in her house but too much exertion could strain her muscles. Whereas, Jonas seemed all concerned and Angela was grinning. Standing for this long was a feat for her but she had managed so far no matter how much it hurt. That was the drill. If you stay patient and keep your energy positive no feat is impossible, including love.

Come fly with me, let’s fly..let’s fly.. She switched to classic. The traces of concern flitted away and wonder filled Jonas’ features. Her madam’s spirit was inspiring. He had never seen a girl this vivacious and positive. She must be the only woman on earth singing through her misery. Chair bound, abandoned by her husband and having lost her child. That charming smile had hid so much. She was a devotee but God was yet to favor her with his blessings.

Still humming, walking and stumbling, she managed to reach the kitchen. Jonas went in the direction of her room to fetch her wheelchair.

“What are you making, Carla?” Angela asked excitedly as she walked in. Carla quickly left the work in hand and rushed to her to help her. This time, Angela accepted the help as the pain had intensified.

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