Roman His Contract Wife chapitre Chapitre 7

Minutes later, the food was ready. Leila set the tray on the table, her smile, big and bright as she marched to the study to get her husband. She met him on a call. His voice was so low she barely heard a word he said. She leaned on the doorframe, a small smile on her face as she watched him massage his forehead. Even when disturbed, he looked cute. They might get along.

The call ended and he turned to her. Leila smiled, ready to speak but he cut her off. “What do you want?”

Wow. His words were like ice poured over her, she took a subconscious step out of the study. Her hand curved in the direction of the dining.

“Dinner is ready.” She tried and failed to smile but his reaction hurt her. Here she was, trying to be a good wife and he was being rude. “I came to tell you that.”

She was a few steps out of the study when he called her. “Leila.” She stopped but didn’t turn. If he would be rude to her, she didn’t want to be around him. “Sorry for raising my voice.”

Hiding a smile, she nodded and went ahead to the dining. Minutes later, Kelvin joined her. They sat opposite each other, she dished the food and they ate quietly. She tried to start a conversation a few times but the words dried up each time she looked at him.

She couldn’t tell what mood he was in. “Leila,” Kelvin started. Her head jerked up, she squeezed her lips as he tried to form a statement. “Back there, the...” His short, brown hair fell over his forehead, she fisted her hand under the table to stop herself from pushing it out of the way. “The call riled me up. I didn’t mean to be rude.” Warmth spread through her chest and a smile lifted her lips. “Sorry.”

“Want to talk about it?” She shoved a spoonful of rice into her mouth. Kelvin observed her. It felt like he was staring at her for hours but in truth, only seconds had passed. He shook his head and she couldn’t help the disappointment that flickered through her. “Okay.”

After dinner, he offered to do the dishes. She couldn’t protest, her arms were tired and she was still in her work clothes. They carried the plates to the kitchen, she sat on the stool while Kelvin gawked at the sink filled with dirty plates and the pot she used for cooking.

Turning on the sink, water ran down the plates and Leila brows furrowed when Kelvin didn’t reach for the sponge and the bottle of dish washer by the window. Her mouth hung open when he rinsed a plate under the sink without washing it.

What was he doing?

“Have you ever done the dishes?” She had to ask.

His reply didn’t come immediately, he held the plate he just rinsed mid-air, then dropped it back. “No.”

Leila almost fell over the counter in shock. She jumped to her feet and covered the gap.

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