Roman In Love With The Hot CEO chapitre Chapitre 4

So she held her face high and said defiantly “I am not moving out of here until you tell me who you are?”

He creased his forehead and then muttered “You are so stubborn little missy, but in due time. Just stand up and do as I say. I do not like to repeat myself again or would you like us to do this my way? I promise that you won’t like it”

He produced an ugly frown on his perfect face and she knew immediately that he was really angry. Well it looks like he was about to skin her alive, she better do what she says before things get worse for her.

The worst thing is that she had never spent a night outside not to say sleeping around, she couldn’t tell what was waiting for her back at home.

She covered her ears with both of her hands and partly closed her eyes and complained “Alright whoever you are, you are making too much noise. The hung over is too much and my eardrums are hurting. Please bring your voice down a little.”

The man looked at her with dark and dangerous eyes that were meant to let her know that he is not joking around.

She stood up immediately and went to the bathroom then let the warm water fall on her skin to calm her nerves and aching body. When she finished bathing she took the new dress the man had just bought her and put it on. It perfectly fit her body, is as if it was specially designed for her.

After finished dressing, the man pulled a chair for her and instructed “Sit down I need to talk to you” The sudden serious voice startled her and when she looked at him closely she noticed that he was very familiar.

”Where have I seen him” she asked silently. Something suddenly clicked on her mind.

“Oh my God! Celine exclaimed” Are you Jared Walker? I mean I couldn’t recognize you yesterday night but now that my mind is completely clear I am sure it is you. What have I done? This must be the worst day of my miserable life. Why did you have to agree to sleep with me?”

“Good, now that you know, let’s get down to business. We need to put something clear between us before we get out of this house” He hesitated and gave her a blank stare, she hated it right now because he saw right through her fears

“I am confused. What business do you think that we can do together?” Celine asked, she was getting startled with each minute that was passing.

She just slept with the most powerful man in the city and now he claims that they had a business to discuss. What business could she discuss with him if not to remind him that she never wanted to see him again?

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