Roman In Love With The Hot CEO chapitre Chapitre 6

On the other hand she also feared Jared Walker because of the rumours she had heard that he was a fearless CEO who didn’t beat around the bush. He dealt with his competitors ruthlessly. She had seen him a few times with her husband and that is why she was able to recognize him.

The taxi reached the mansion and she paid the driver then she began walking toward the entrance. This was the place where she was supposed to be happy but why does her heart ache this much after what Nolan did to her. Never in her life will she be able to forgive him.

With a trembling hand Celine opened the door and tip toed in to the house intending to go the bedroom. She felt dirty and greasy, so she needed to go take a long bathe then after wards she can face Nolan.

Well she had already bathed back at the hotel room, But it was different, may be if she scrubbed herself more then the little sensations that she was still feeling in her body would disappear.

She didn’t want to make any noise to attract Nolan’s attention since she knew he was home. But immediately she turned to go upstairs, she was startled by a sound behind her and turned to stare directly in his disgusting face.

“Where do you think you are coming from? Do you still remember that you are a married woman? ”Nolan enquired obviously with a furious voice.

He was reeking of alcohol and Celine knew that he had been drinking again. That is what he knew how to do whenever he came back home instead of being her husband.

How ironic, he was just cheating on her with his secretary not long ago and now he is busy telling her that she is a married woman. As far as she was concerned she stopped being married to him the moment she caught him cheating on her.

“Are you mute now?” He almost shouted as he looked at her with blood shot eyes.

“I went to a girl’s night out with Lina and I forgot to inform you.” Celine explained not because she felt obligated but she just couldn’t stand his sight anymore. She wanted him to leave her alone already. In a day she had slept with another man and lied to him that she went out with her friend, even if he finds out she didn’t care anymore.

“I have told you several times to stop drinking all night and now look at the time. Did you also continue to drink from morning up to now? You even forgot that it was my birthday. How thoughtful? ”


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