Roman In Love With The Hot CEO chapitre Chapitre 7

While still deep in thoughts she heard her phone message notification and when she opened the message, 5 million dollars have been transferred to her account.

That was the best message she had ever received in a while. Her mother had a stomach cancer and the doctors said that if she gets to be operated on time with a team of specialized doctors she will be cured. They were only waiting for the money.

Another message followed immediately from Jared

“That is the advance payment, the rest will be transferred the same way when you have satisfied all the conditions we agreed on. Please confirm to me if you have received it in your account”

“Thank you” she replied to the message and put her phone back on the bedside table to continue reminiscing on the hot sex she had with the man.

However her phone beeped again with another notification and she picked it up to read the contents. She never expected that it could be from Jared, her eyes widened in shock as she tried to understand what he wanted. It suddenly dawned on her that he meant it when he said that he would demand her presence at any time and now that he had paid her she was going to become his slave or slut, who knows.

“Before I forget I want you tonight. Come to the same venue as yesterday”

Without hesitation she typed a short message with a trembling hands, she just came home and her husband scolded her. How would she manage to sneak out again and who knows when she will come back home” Please I can’t leave, my husband will kill me”

Her text read delivered and she thought that she had solved the matter but in the next few second he sent her another text that said

“I don’t care, just get yourself an excuse and make sure you don’t let me wait because I am a very impatient man”

The phone was disconnected by the arrogant man because when she tried to call him it wasn’t going through. She was left with no any other way but to sneak out of the house later in the evening.

Anyway she didn’t give a damn anymore, Nolan could do whatever he wanted. All she cared about was getting the rest of the money so that her mother would get the necessary treatment. Nevertheless she will complete her end of the bargain.

Suddenly the doctor called and told her that it was time for her mother to undergo the surgery, failure to which it will be fatal. She told the doctor that she will be heading to the hospital immediately and that now she had half of the money required.

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