Roman In Love With The Hot CEO chapitre Chapitre 9

“It’s okay Jared I didn’t want to bother you. Can you give me a hug please? I know this was not part of the agreement but right now I feel overwhelmed with everything.” Celine didn’t know why she asked but she needed his warm embrace.

Jared didn’t hesitate, he moved closer to her and took her into his arms then gave her a tight embrace. Her perfume was still the same with a beautiful smell he liked the very first time she approached him without knowing that he had been stalking her.

The vehicle chauffer was even more surprised because he had never seen the boss so attached to a lady the way he is with Celine, but he didn’t dare look at them at the back of the car. They were adults and whatever happens between them was none of his business.

Celine immediately buried her face on his chest then he curled his hands on her back and held her tightly on his body as he whispered with a soothing voice “I need you to calm down Sweetheart .I don’t want to see you sad .As long as I am with you, nothing will happen to your mother, okay”

“Is that a promise?” Celine lifted her head slightly and looked in to his eyes, she wanted to confirm if he really meant what he was saying. So far even if she didn’t seem to resist him, he was still the person who took advantage of her in the moment of weakness.

He nodded his head as he explained “I am a bastard and I can’t deny that I am doing all this because of revenge but I also have a heart and I wouldn’t like my own mother to go through the same thing.” Then his voice trailed off and she didn’t understand why neither did she want him to explain.

“Thank you” she whispered and went back to laying her head on his shoulder, somehow the guy gave her peace and whatever wrong he had done to her didn’t matter now. All she could feel was his warmth and the protection he offered her or rather presented to her.

A sigh of relief escaped from her throat. It has been a long day but the most surprising thing to her is that she felt comfortable in the man arms even though she was only a tool for revenge. He never promised to love or care for her. He only bought her like a merchandize or property.

The hotel came to view and after they parked the car he held her by the waist and led her upstairs. Once the door was closed behind them, she wanted to sleep but he was only interested in her body. There was no way she was going to escape because she already agreed.

As she looked at those ocean blue eyes, her heart started to beat really faster. It was amazing how the mere look at him makes her body go crazy with desire. Even the fatigue she felt earlier on disappeared. She wanted him to touch her body, she wanted him to kiss her everywhere until she lost her mind.

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