Roman Marked by the Alpha chapitre Chapitre 3

Layla’s POV

At the question, my breath hitched in my chest and I felt a shiver run down my spine as his powerful voice washed over me.

With tears streaming down my face I turned slowly to find Alpha Hector taking in the scene before him with a look of displeasure. His lips were pressed into a white slash, and his eyes were narrowed.

I suppressed a gasp as soon as my gaze fell on him, taking in the sight of him wide-eyed.

He cut a frightful figure in the bloodstained shirt he had on. There was dried blood splatter all over his face, and his hands looked like he’d dipped them into a bucket of red paint.

A moment passed before it dawned on me that none of it came from him. Part of his shirt had been ripped clean through, but the skin underneath remained smooth and unbroken, though I knew from years of seeing him train that his body was a patchwork of scars roped over corded muscle.

He was back from the battle he’d set out for two days prior with some of our pack’s finest, taking care of the rogue problem, and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he had won because of his track record. Our Alpha never lost. This was a well-known fact.

His reputation as a fearlessly cold killing machine was one of the reasons our Pack went largely uncontested by other Packs. Werewolves loved to conquer as much as they loved slaughter, but everyone knew their place on the food chain. He was the apex predator, and I fell somewhere at the bottom.

“Don’t let me repeat myself,” he ordered, and beside me I noticed my father’s posture stiffen slightly. But he recovered quickly, stepping away from his wife and daughter towards Hector.

“Alpha, welcome back,” he began in a voice that carried through the clearing. “I’m sure you—”

“Don’t waste my time, Gaius,” Hector said, cutting him off, and I felt a chill go through me at the rumbled command. Inside me, Lea whined, hiding her face in her paws.

“Yes, Alpha,” my father said, dipping his head slightly in a show of respect. He cleared his throat. “This is just a simple matter. I apologize that this undignified scene is the first thing you’re seeing on your return.”

Only a slight tightening of his features let me know that Hector was annoyed by this, and the silence that followed my father’s statement stretched uncomfortably.

Anyone else in dad’s position would’ve been quaking in fear, and I was sure that on a level some part of him had to be, but my father was not only the Beta of the Sanguis Pack. He was also Hector’s loyal friend, and had played an important role in helping him secure his claim as Alpha in a struggle that ended in the slaughter of tens, if not hundreds of wolves.


The sound of my name rolling off his lips caused my heart to stutter in fear, and for a moment I worried that I had imagined it, but then he called my name again.

I couldn't believe it. In fact, a part of me was surprised that he even remembered my name as I had always considered myself invisible to him. Alpha Hector only spoke to Dad and Reno on the few occasions he came over, and even then he ignored me, though this treatment was also strangely extended to Lu—something I had seen no other man can do, especially when my sister decided to flaunt herself.

The only time I could remember speaking to him was on my eighteenth birthday.

I slowly lifted my head up even though I refused to look him in the eye.

“Look at me,” he ordered, and my gaze snapped to his immediately.

For a moment, I could’ve sworn that I saw some indefinable emotion swirl through the depths of his cold eye, but it was gone before I could pin it down and once more, I chalked it up to my imagination.

“Tell me what happened.”

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