Roman Mr. CEO, I Came Back To Love You chapitre Chapitre 4

“Timothy is coming over to fetch me. Am I really ready to see him?” While taking a shower, Charlotte asked herself.

Then, the next image that flashed in her head was how Timothy and Victoria were having sex. She suddenly felt the urge to stab them with a knife!

“No, Charlotte. You are better than them,” she reprimanded herself.

Charlotte concluded that she must act normally around Timothy and Victoria. She needed to be that clueless woman who had no idea of their affair. Otherwise, Charlotte would alert them. She could not risk for their plans to change.

She considered simply asking for a divorce, but then she recalled their prenuptial agreement. Timothy would be entitled to fifty percent of her company shares at Strauss Asset Investments if she left the marriage without justification. If Timothy would ask for a divorce, he would get nothing.

“Then, I need to prove Timothy’s affair with Victoria,” she decided.

Her company shares were only a portion of her paternal family’s wealth. When Pete died in her past life, several properties were transferred to her name, including stocks of different companies he had invested in.

Charlotte was the sole inheritor of her grandparent’s wealth, which was what Victoria and Timothy were all after. Her father was an only child, and he died when Charlotte was in high school.

“But why?” Charlotte speculated. “The Cash family was not lacking in any money. So maybe, it was just Victoria who wanted it all?”

‘I hate you and your grandfather. I hate your father the most! Sorry that you had to pay the price.’ Victoria’s words rang in her head. Charlotte’s eyes narrowed, thinking, “There is something more. Something that had to do with my father and my grandfather.”

Charlotte thought she knew Victoria well, but maybe not. She muttered, “I need to have someone investigate Victoria.”

She also recognized that getting a divorce was just part of the solution. She must get Timothy out of the company for good and look into his family.

With so many things to consider, she suddenly felt her head aching. She pointed out, “One at a time, Charlotte. One at a time. Let’s start with their affair. Once you prove the affair, you can get a divorce. Then, find Liam.”

“Liam,” Charlotte thought of him again. She frowned and considered rearranging her plans, “Or, should I find Liam first?”

“But what would I say to Liam? Hey Liam, you told me you loved me before I died. Apparently, you never got over me,” She scoffed at herself, rolling her eyes. It dawned on her how she may appear presumptuous.

After Charlotte had bathed, she returned to her bedroom to fetch some clothes when she saw the man she had called the love of her life.

Rage filled her heart. Standing before her was her good-for-nothing husband.

Timothy Cash.

Chapter 4: Planning 1


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