Roman My Adorable Twins And Their Daddy chapitre Chapitre 3

In the city’s capital Center lies the tallest sky scrapper in town. The building is owned by Hudson group, the biggest company in town dealing with fashion and design. It is headed by Samuel Hudson, who is the grandson of the business tycoon, Joshua Hudson.

Samuel was seated in his office, today he had a very special guest who he knew demanded so much of his attention. Even his employees were aware of that and accorded the person a good reception.

“Hello son? How are things here? His deep and confident voice vibrated in the four corners of the office.

Joshua Hudson was the only man that Samuel bowed to because he made him who he is today. But even before he started talking he already knew what he came here to talk about. It was going to be the same old topic. “Give me an heir”

“We are doing fine grandpa, how are things over at the house?” he pretended to want to know but in real sense he avoided the family mansion as a plagued, every time his grandfather mentions about an heir to him he felt pressurized.

“Everything seems to be okay, but I am still waiting for your action. I need to make you the president of this company as soon as possible. As you can see age is not on my side. “He said and looked at Samuel desperately.

Samuel too lifted his face and observed him carefully. His grey silvery hair seemed to have increased since the day he saw him last. But still the same, he was looking healthy and fit. He never knew what gave him that glowing look.

Joshua knew that his grandson would just try to down play the topic but he was surprised that he was more calm than usual.

“Don’t worry grand pa, things are promising. I am sure that in the near future we won’t have to talk about this matter anymore” Samuel said this knowing very well that he already had a son to present to him. But he wanted it to be a surprise.

Samuel sounded mysterious but Joshua didn’t give much thought to it. Instead he felt happy that he was working on his request.

“That is good news, son. My journey here wasn’t in vain.” He glanced at him for a while then said” I don’t care whether it is a girl or a boy, As long as the child has my blood in his veins.”

Joshua gave his grandson a wide grin and rounded the table to give him a hug. However he didn’t fail to remind him immediately” As soon as the deed is done let me know, I will prepare a big party to welcome him home”

“Very soon grand pa, sooner than you may think”

Samuel managed to put a smile on his lips, he usually doesn’t smile with anyone except this old man who never seizes to amaze him. He is his role model and he would be lost without him. Whatever he wants somehow he ended up granting it to him.

Joshua hesitated and thought that something was amiss. There was another vital thing in his mind.

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