Roman My Adorable Twins And Their Daddy chapitre Chapitre 4

All of a sudden Lucky held her stomach and said” I am sorry mommy but I am hungry, can we find somewhere that we can eat?”

Camila heard the loud rumbling that came from her girl’s stomach.

This was so typical of kids, she knew that’s Lucky won’t let her finish the journey in peace. Even though she could afford the foods in the restaurant now, she still felt that they should go home first so that she can prepare for her a good home made food.

“Honey…. can’t it wait until we reach our new house? I promise that I will cook for you the noodles that you like so much then I will add a chocolate cake for you” she tried to convince the girl but she wasn’t listening to her at all.

Any way they had arrived early so it would not hurt to go and buy her something light at the restaurant while they wait for her friend to come and pick them.

The two soon settled on the restaurant and Lucky quickly gave her order. She was waiting patiently when she spotted another boy eating with his father on the other corner of the restaurant. He seemed to be bored and quiet as his father read a newspaper.

Strong men wearing black suits were standing on their side.

“Leo, please hurry up and finish your food. We should be headed to the mansion now. “Samuel told his son without leaving the page he was reading.

They were just coming from Mombasa where they had gone to relax for the weekend. As much as Samuel was busy, he liked to spare some time for his kid. He wanted him to like him except that it was proving to be difficult because the kid was a little complicated.

“I want to go and visit my grand pa” Leo insisted.

“You just came from over there last weekend, Leo. Do you need to go so soon? “He asked surprised at the way Leo doted on his grandfather. The man spoils him so much and that was to be expected as his grandfather spent so much time waiting for his arrival.

The boy pouted his mouth in annoyance and Samuel gave up. He was a tough man but when it came to him, he had no choice but to soften.

“Alright I will take you to go and see him for just a few hours. Is that a deal? “

“Thank you daddy”

After uttering those words, Leo looked at his side and his eyes caught the sight of a pretty girl. She was also looking at him and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. She was smiling at him as if they had known each other all their lives.

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