Roman My Adorable Twins And Their Daddy chapitre Chapitre 5

Upon seeing their retrieving body, Camila was filled with sadness. She had seen the boy only ones and he had such a huge effect on her. She still couldn’t get her hands on exactly what was going on. Camila just felt moody when he left.

“Mommy, why are you sad? I don’t like that ugly frown on your face?” Lucky rushed to her side and gave her a warm embrace. She just knew what to do to calm her down.

“I wasn’t sad, honey. I was just reflecting on things that concerns adults.” She hugged her tight and then kissed her cheeks. Lucky giggled at the warm sensation on her cheeks.

“Don’t you think that Leo’s father looked handsome? Do you like him? Can he be my daddy one day?” Lucky said innocently, she wasn’t even aware that people just don’t become married like that. They had to be in some relationship.

Camila looked at her suddenly, she didn’t expect to hear this from Lucky so it caught her by surprise. Tears rolled on her face, she denied her only child the right to have a father. Since that day the mysterious man took her innocence and left her depressed, she vowed never to be touched by any other men.

Camila could see clearly that her baby girl needed a father but she was in no condition to provide her with one.

“Oh……honey, we have talked about this before. When the right time comes, we will find your daddy, okay” she consoled and caressed her soft cheeks with affection. Camila didn’t like her being sad. Somehow she thought that by giving Lucky all her love, she will be paying for the wrong she did to her brother. For abandoning him with the man and for selling him just like a property.

“Do you promise me that I will get to see my daddy and hug him like I did to Leo’s daddy?”

“Yes I do”

She then heard a familiar voice call her” Camila”.

She was still the same, with a beautiful smile and body. Camila turned her attention to the sound of the voice and couldn’t believe it. She pulled Lucky up and both of them rushed to the woman and gave her a tight hug.

“Nova, you are here my friend. You look so lovely, you haven’t aged much” she complemented her looks with a delighted face.

She was honestly happy. She had been in a foreign country with strangers, it was a relief to come home to her loved ones.

“Thanks for the compliment Camila, but you look absolutely gorgeous yourself. Tell me your secret? “She finished saying and turned her attention to the little girl.

“I did pretty much nothing. All I had was this little bundle of joy beside me” Camila said while Lucky giggled beside her.

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