Roman My Cruel Mate chapitre Chapitre 3

Caliana's POV

I felt an intensifying pain in my stomach as the hot tall man stood naked in my presence. My eyes shamelessly trailed to his cock. It was huge and long, by the way. This man's body was made of pure muscle, no doubt he worked out a lot, and his face, oh my goddess, he had nice sharp features, but my gaze lingered on his cold eyes. They were a mesmerizing gray color but they looked hopeless and bereft. I wanted to touch him and ask what was wrong but I couldn't. After he was done assessing me too, he walked majestically and stopped close to me. We were standing so close. His body radiated heat, and his scent, mixed with that woman he was fucking was and I wanted to punch them. My fists were clenched and I shook in anger.

'Cali!' Screamed my inner wolf and I flinched, clearing my throat. Before I could say a word to him, he shut the door in my face and it registered to me. My mate is Alpha Edward Chasia, the cruel Alpha, and he didn't even acknowledge my presence. My breath shuddered as my breath was ragged. My legs gave up under me and I slid against the wall to sit down. My mate was on the other side, with another woman in his bed.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I never counted on having a mate but the thought intrigued me.

He hated me. I saw it in his eyes. It was crazy because I didn't even do anything! I wanted to cry and scream at the goddess, but I didn't even have the will to do so.

"I'm sorry about that," a small voice said. I quickly got to my feet and faced the young lady who spoke.

"Oh, hello," I tried to force a smile, her expression showed that she knew what had happened there.

"I'm Juanita, Madam Lena said I'd be attending to you," She smiled. Juanita was a pretty petite girl with a lot of hair that suited her and beautiful big brown eyes.

"Okay, can you show me to another room? The second floor, preferably," I wasn't going to stay on the same floor as that man. I wanted to be far away from the Alpha. I didn't know why he agreed to bring me here when, clearly, he didn't need me. Juanita's eyes darkened a little, indicating that she was mind-linking. When she was done, she sadly shook her head.

"You shall stay on this floor, Ma'am."

I only nodded, arguing was a waste of time, because I knew that she was just following orders. Juanita took me to a room just next to the Alpha's suite. It was massive with a round bed and a TV stuck on the wall.

"These doors lead to a balcony and the bathroom," She informed me. I only smiled at her and sat on the edge of my bed. Juanita exited the room and said she'd be back to call me for dinner and I should enjoy the room. However, my mind roamed to the cruel Alpha, my mate. What were the chances?

'Lia, are you okay?' I asked my wolf.

'Yes, are you?' I sighed and lay on the bed. The truth was that I was not okay, all this happened so suddenly, one moment I was in my father's pack. I wasn't happy living there with Evelyn and Vince, but I fought them and now I'm here, in a strange pack, with my mate who doesn't give a shit about me.

'I'll be fine,' I responded, finally. I'm not a weak woman. I've trained my mind to be strong and he won't break me. I got up from bed and went into the ensuite bathroom to shower. I took a long one and made sure that I cleaned my hair thoroughly as it had been a while since I washed it and the shower had all the products for my hair. After my shower, I wore simple jeans and a t-shirt. I checked my phone and saw a text message from Levy. He informed me that Evelyn threw a party to celebrate the deal they made with the Chasias.

Hours later, the door to my room opened and Juanita walked in, looking jolly.

"Hello, Luna! I'm here to call you down for dinner," My heart started to pound out of my chest as I grabbed my shoes. I followed the young servant to the dining area where four intimidating men were sitting, looking mighty as ever. The Chasia brothers.


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