Roman My Cruel Mate chapitre Chapitre 4

Caliana's POV

I knew that they were domineering men, but seeing them like this, sitting looking like Greek gods and exuding their aura is different. My wolf and I whimper, but I force myself to stand tall. I'm an Alpha's daughter after all.

"Hello, Caliana," a handsome man in his mid-twenties stood up. From the pictures on the internet, I recognized him as Jamal. The second brother and face of the company. He was the pack beta too. I tried to remember what was said about him in the article.

'The golden angel of the west,' He looked like one, he had a friendly mask on but behind it, he was as dangerous as the rest.

"Hello," I greeted him timidly. He held my hand gently and guided me to a seat next to Alpha Edward, who didn't even spare me a glance.

"Caliana, welcome to the family, these are my brothers; Marcus and Marcos, the twins," beta Jamal introduced. The twins are good looking too, with only small features that tell them apart, like their hair and eyes, while Marcus has dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes like Jamal. Marcos had jet-black hair like Alpha Edward and mesmerizing gray-blue eyes.

The twins wave at me, and curtly nod, their faces as serious as their elder brother.

"Do I have to introduce her to you, brother, or will you do that honor?" Jamal asked the Alpha, who sighed in exasperation, as if this was boring for him. Why did he hate me?

"Well, I'll do it then," Beta Jamal smiled. How is he able to be so polite? The Chasia brothers were supposed to be conceited and rude.

'Jamal is the angel,'

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