Roman My Dad's Bestfriend chapitre Chapitre 5


Currently, I found myself seated in my dad and Clara's room, surrounded by a mountain of clothes on his bed. They were gifts he had purchased for his friends and relatives attending the event, and now, after sorting and packing everyone's presents, there were two identical shirts in different sizes remaining, intended for my dad's best friend.

The very same person whose words from the previous day continued to echo in my mind.

"Why is there an extra shirt?" I inquired, placing the magazine I had been flipping through onto the nearby table.

"Oh, I bought two different sizes for Jacob since I wasn't sure how muscular he might have become," Dad chuckled, drawing closer and settling himself on the bed. "He certainly has built himself like a giant."

I couldn't help but disagree with the notion that Jacob's physique resembled that of a giant. In reality, his physicality was far more subtle and captivating. There was a remarkable balance to his muscular frame.

Even though his muscles remained concealed beneath his clothing, it wasn't hard to discern the perfect male form beneath.

"Both sizes don't seem to have much difference. I suppose either one of these will fit him," Clara commented, examining the shirts.

"I need him to try these shirts and see if they fit," Dad groaned, stretching his arms in an attempt to alleviate the strain from walking to multiple stores. "My spine is killing me."

"Hey, Evelyn, why don't you go and ask Jacob to try them on? You haven't lifted a finger all day," Dad suggested, his gaze turning to me. I furrowed my brow at the end of his sentence.

He always had this perception of me being lazy, and while I wasn't sure if it was entirely true, I wasn't about to decline this task now. No way in hell!

"Perhaps you could have asked me properly instead of calling me lazy, don't you think, Dad?"

"But you are lazy, it's a well-known fact," Dad chuckled, causing a scowl to settle on my face.

"Well, I didn't realise you had a personal vendetta against me enjoying a little relaxation," I grumbled, my annoyance growing as his amusement persisted.

"Leave her be, Samuel," Clara interjected, attempting to control her own laughter. "If she decides to ignore you in revenge for a day, you'll be the one wandering around like a lost soul."

Dad's expression shifted at the reminder, and I noticed him clearing his throat as if the thought itself troubled him.

"I can't believe I'm about to do this again after so long, and Dad is just making sure I have another go at it," I remarked, crossing my arms over my chest. The tug appeared on my lip on its own knowing that this plan of mine was going to work.

For a moment, Dad fell silent, seemingly contemplating whether he should continue to push my buttons or relent.

Apparently, he made up his mind quicker than I expected.

"Fine, I apologise," Dad sighed, conceding defeat. "Now, please...would you go and give these shirts to Jacob?"

I wanted to refuse, to say no, but...

How could I say no to the beautiful view of Jacob's face?

Perhaps others could, but Evelyn Fernandez certainly couldn't, not even in her wildest dreams.

"Fine, hand them over," I rolled my eyes, feigning annoyance on my face. The underlying excitement remained hidden.

I took the bag from Dad's hand and made my way out of the room, passing through the long corridor until I reached Jacob Adriano's designated room.

The thought of going to his room triggered so many dirty imaginations to stir awake. Well, the ideas they were conjuring up weren't half bad, they were kinda...

Evelyn get your virgin ass together!

I shunned my thoughts away and yanked myself out of the daydreams before I finally knocked on the door, but there was no response.

I knocked again, growing slightly impatient, but still, there was no answer from the other side. The door wasn't locked either.

What was he doing?

The door was not locked either.

Impatience mingled with scepticism, and I found myself contemplating whether I should take a peek inside the room or not. It wasn't as if my intentions were entirely impure. Or maybe they could be...Damn it, I didn't know!

"Jacob?" I called out, knocking on his door once more, but still, there was no response from him.

Was he not in the room?

As low as my patience level was, my curiosity was the complete opposite. And in a moment of impulse, I decided to do the most logical thing that came to mind—yes, anyone could have guessed it. I cautiously cracked the door open and peered inside the room.

Well, this was odd—there was no sign of anyone in the room.

Should I go inside?

That'd be totally wrong, but hey, it's my dad's mansion anyway. I couldn't care less about what's appropriate or not. Besides, I had a plethora of excuses ready if anyone, especially Jacob, caught me in his room right now.

Without giving it a second thought, I pushed the door open wider and cautiously stepped inside, my eyes scanning the room for any signs of him.

To my surprise, there was no sign of Jacob, but there on the bed lay a pair of trousers and a plain black T-shirt.

'Was he in the...'

Before I could even complete my thoughts, the bathroom door creaked open, shattering the silence, and Jacob's voice pierced through the air.


I gasped, caught off guard, and spun around to face him, but damn...

The sight that met my eyes made me wish I hadn't.

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