Roman NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE chapitre Chapitre 6

Isabella came out of the room feeling very self conscious. The heels were so high that walking was more or less a chore. When Angelo saw her, he smiled and said "perfect. You look so beautiful my lovely wife."

Isabella ignored the mockery in his voice as she just wanted to get this night over with. As she waited for Angelo to pay the make up artist, she fidgeted with her phone anxiously. When the lady had gone, Angelo snatched the phone from Isabella's hands while saying, "you won't be needing this tonight princess".

He took the phone into her room and threw it on the bed before escorting her out. Acting like a gentleman, he opened the door of the car for Isabella and let her into the passenger seat, while he took hold of the wheels and drove off.

On their way to the club, Isabella kept looking at him, wondering what exactly he wanted to do to her. Was he planning to have sex with her at the club? She cringed at the thought and hoped that it wasn't anything of that nature.

When they finally got to the club, Angelo opened the door of the car for Isabella and held her hand as he led her inside.

Isabella felt more uncomfortable as Angelo kept going inside. The club was excessively wild. They were people smoking all types of things and as they passed by a corridor, there were different groups of people having sex along the way.

Isabella's heart began to race and her face turned white due to fear. He finally led her into a room filled with a lot of people. He went over to where a group of men who seemed like his friends were sitting and beckoned on her to come closer.

He sat down with them but asked Isabella to keep standing. He opened two bottles of the wines on the table and handed them to her, saying, "your duty is to serve us drinks tonight so just stand quietly by the side, hold the two bottles in your hands and refill our cups whenever you notice they are empty".

Isabella felt really insulted. She, the best graduating student in one of the most prestigious colleges in London, was reduced to such a lowly level and she couldn't even fight back or say no.

She stood with the bottles of wine in both hands while Angelo talked and laughed with his friends. After a while, two girls with heavy butt cheeks and g-strings that were almost invisible, came into the room.

They slowly made their way to where Angelo was seated, while attracting a lot of attention and sat on Angelo's laps. They both sat, one on each side and occasionally took turns grinding on him while making lewd sounds.

Isabella completely ignored them and continued holding the bottles. Meanwhile, Angelo kept stealing glances at Isabella in a bid to read her expression. After a while, he realized she didn't care about what he was doing and sent the girls away.




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