Roman Once Rejected, Now Desired chapitre Chapitre 6


The sounds of flesh slapping against each other filled my room and I moaned out in pleasure, willing myself into the intoxicating feeling of the good sex I was enjoying.

I moaned again, this time, in almost the same rhythm as that of the lady under me who was on the mission of burying her claws inside my back, and I increased the pace with which I thrust into her to match her energy.

This was what I had turned to since Adeline toyed with my feelings -a king who pays hookers to see himself as a man.

“Argh!” She screamed with a pleasure filled voice and a smug of satisfaction appeared on my face.

A knock came and the door to the room, almost immediately the door pushed open.

I flashed a quick glance at the door to see Gaston stepping inside, and I chewed my teeth in anger, “whatever do you need now, Gaston?”

“Sorry to disturb you, Alpha Asher but, this is a very crucial matter, you must know now that the doctor has arrived.”

I collapsed on top of the girl on hearing Gaston's voice before slowly rolling off her to fall on the bed with my heart threatening to fall out of my chest while glaring at Gaston, who lowered his eyes to avoid my gaze.

Someone disturbing me while I was having my fun was one of the things I hated, and Gaston of all people knew that.

The lady, slipped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom without caring to cover up, and I put on a robe before climbing down the bed.

“But, you must also know Alpha that there is a little bit of a problem.”

I paused, waiting to hear more but, Gaston was not giving it.

“In the name of the moon goddess, Gaston, can you just say what the problem is.” I snapped and led the way out of the room, leaving Gaston to follow behind.

“The doctor is a mother and her kids were kidnapped alongside her.”

I paused in my tracks and turned sharply to Gaston," what do you mean by you brought her kids? What am I supposed to do with them?”

“We had no choice but to take them too and besides, the children were of much help, we used one of them to lure here to us.”

“How many kids are we talking about here?”

Gaston gulped, “three,” he muttered, and I sighed and headed for the dungeon -where I had informed them to keep her- to meet the lady who had dared to go against me, swearing under my breath to make her regret wasting my time waiting for her.

As we walked towards the dungeon, I felt beads of sweat begin to form on my forehead with some rolling down the sides of my face as Storm, turned and howled restlessly within me.

My breath turned fast and heavy as though I had run throughout the whole pack a thousand times, and I paused in my track to catch my breath.

“Are you okay, Alpha?” Gaston asked, and I nodded as I continued on my path, but, Storm's restless jumping inside of me told me that I was not in any way okay.

I wiped the beads of sweat off my face with the back of my palm before stepping into the dungeons and a strong scent of lavender filled my nose, welcoming me in.

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