Roman One night stand with a Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 1

Timothy, my beloved, and I are about to get married. We have shared many dreams over the course of our long relationship, and we have now started the process of turning those dreams become reality.

My step-sister, who appeared to be thrilled for me, and my entire family were happy.


Julia complained as she proceeded to her mother, "I forgot my veil in Stacy's room. Mother, could you please go get that for me?” Julia asked her stepmother, who furrowed her brows and scowled.

“Use your feet, my love," her stepmother politely declined a minor request, but it didn't matter to her. Julia was never one to hold grudges, so she didn't bother nagging any further.

Julia was dragging her bridal gown to the door when her mother cried out, "Wait, Julia, how could I forget to give you this?"

“What exactly is this?" Julia inquired, her gaze fixed on the glass of water in her mother's palm.

“This is holy water. I hoped for the best for your future,” her stepmother replied, caressing her head.

"Drink it," her stepmother said as she shoved the glass into her palm and forced her to drink.

Julia gulped the water down her throat, ignoring the slight stinging.

Julia failed to detect a shining glint in her stepmother's eyes. When she glanced at her, she just saw her kind smile.

"Now go, or you'll be late for the wedding." Her stepmother kissed her on the cheek and said, "Your sister's room number is 405."

“Yes, Mum," Julia affirmed before leaving her room. On the top floor was room 405. She walked slowly while wearing heels. It wasn't a pleasant experience for her.

As she moved up the stairs, she suddenly grabbed the rails for support as her head began to spin.

"What's going on?"

She groaned as her eyes started to blur. She struggled to climb the stairs and was unable to determine where to step because everything was fuzzy.

She cried out in a quiet voice, "Someone, please help."

She felt her body losing vitality and her spirit being devoured by a powerful fire.

Walking was difficult for Julia. She was attempting to see the number in front of the door despite not knowing what floor she was on or where she was.

Her eyes looked at 405, whose door was open and she went inside that room. The dark room was filled with a steamy manly scent, emanating steam of yearning.

“I'm not feeling good, Stacy. Call the doctor," Julia groaningly advised. She moved her hand back and unzipped her dress since her body was still scalding hot and she was unable to keep the clothing on herself.

She managed to get into bed and spread her arms wide while only wearing her bra and undies. Other than that, she didn't perceive anyone's presence in the room. The room was calm and she could have a good sleep.

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