Roman One night stand with a Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 3


“How could you do such a thing to me? What have I done to you?" Julia sobbed as she realized it was her family who had mercilessly murdered her soul.

"Because you've been loved by everyone, and that's exactly what I deserve." But our father is indifferent to me. Timothy never glanced at me, even if I wear the crown in his honor,” Stacy spit viciously in Julia's face, exacerbating Julia’s misery.

As she wiped the tears from her cheeks, Julia whispered, "God will not spare you.

“There is no God. If there were, you would not have experienced this and you would not be sobbing in front of me right now. So… my dear sister! You only have two choices: listen to us or allow us to post your video online,” Stacy remarked as she sat down in front of Julia.

“After ruining me so much, what else do you want?” Julia yelled with red eyes. What miserable people they were, she could not believe. She had recently realized how her father and she had become victims of their trap.

"Well, not much, really. We will let you leave after you make a brief confession on camera. You won't, though, return to the city.” Stacy directed her camera at Julia as she turned it on.

“What confession?" Julia needed to know what else had left for her to do. How far would they go to destroy her?

"Tell this camera that you cheated on Timothy on your wedding day and that you no longer want to live with us. As a result, you have no alternative but to leave this city," Stacy stated, making her intentions apparent to Julia. This was her last shot to make the goal, which she had planned for a long time.

“I'm not going to do that. It’s you two!" Julia yelled while looking for the phone to call her father. However, a menacing remark made her tremble and her phone dropped to the floor.

"Before taking any dumb action, think it through. Are you sure you don't want your video to be leaked? Only harm will result from this. On one side, you will lose people's respect. Most importantly, if you embarrass this family, I seriously doubt my father will survive.” Stacy warned Julia ahead of time. She made some statements that broke Julia's spirit. The only person her mother had left for her, her father, was all she had. If Stacy did something, it would ruin everything.

Julia collapsed on the floor while sobbing into her hand. She had no idea how things had fallen apart so quickly. She was utterly shocked and baffled as to how her relatives could have robbed her. Though the world was terrible to her, she was unable to treat her father with cruelty. She came to her conclusion because of this.

She got to her feet and murmured, "Record me," wiping away her tears.

“Well done! You are wise,” Stacy made a sly remark and coerced Julia into saying what she really wanted. This was her last day in her house after that Julia permanently left her home... She swore she would never cast a negative light on her father.


“You should be aware that I want to hear "yes" before you speak, said the man in black to his subordinate while holding a glass of wine.

“Boss, we've tried, but the girl vanished with no trace left behind. I'm not sure if she's from this city or not," the subordinate said trembling, gazing at his feet. He had the impression that his body would catch fire and burn till it was reduced to ashes if he gazed into his boss's eyes.

“Your statement implies that I spent the night with a ghost. You've shown me that there are people who can hide from me in this world," the man screamed in rage. He would under no circumstances stand for failure.

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