Roman One Night With Mr Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 1

Arianna was now certain that she was completely drunk. She saw an object in double and her eyes were dizzy. She belched and took the last drop of the alcohol, gulping it down.

The club house was noisy and the dancers were having fun. But what mattered to Arianna was completely different. She hadn't come for fun seeking but to forget her misery and heartbreak.

She was supposed to be a bride the next morning, walking down the aisle with her heartthrob and best friend for five years. They had anticipated that day to come but in less than twenty four hours, the hope of seeing that day come true was trashed.

The memory of what she saw played itself again in her head "...oh my days!...fuck me harder Ethan baby...oh...good...faster...oh...yeah...I love you Ethan…"

Arianna shook her head as if by doing so, the memory of it would disappear. She cleaned the tears off her face. Why can't she just forget, she's been in the club house for a few hours now, trying to forget that ugly scene she stumbled upon.

But the more she tried to forget, the harder it became. She tried standing up but ended up sinking back into her seat. She summoned up her strength and stood up.

She needed to visit the washroom and after that, find a way of helping herself out of the club house. Her legs were heavy and as she walked, her knees wobbled.

Just before turning, she sighted a tall figure walking into one of the rooms and she followed. She went in just before he shut the door and rested her back on the door.

"Hey handsome. Why don't you make me happy?" She smirked and threw herself into his arms. She started kissing him, an act that the man was reluctant to get down with.

Few hours later, Arianna opened her eyes with a panting headache. She glanced around the dark room and wondered how she got in there.

A vague memory of how the evening went popped up in her head and she gasped. She turned to look at her side and saw a man sleeping peacefully.

What the hell had she done? She stood up with great difficulty. She doesn't need to be told that she has lost her most cherished possession: her virginity.

The pain she felt between her thighs was proof enough that she had been violated. She endured the pain and put on her jeans and blouse and pulled out a $100 note, stuck it in the man's hand.

The room is dark, thank goodness she didn't get to see how the man looks. He's a good gigolo but she couldn't pay him well for his services.

She sneaked out of the room and went away. She went straight to her mini apartment to get a few things and leave Z- city but was dazed when the lock to her apartment had been changed.

It was barely dawn and she couldn't ask her neighbours what or who changed her lock. But then,she decided to fetch her phone and called the agent handling her apartment.

When she got her phone, she saw there had been a text message. It was from Ethan. She glanced and read the content "don't bother why the lock was changed, I did it"

Arianna simply turned and left her apartment and everything she's got in it and went to another city.

Two months later, Arianna woke up and felt lazy to get out of bed. She wondered why she caught a fever so soon, just arriving at a new city.


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