Roman One Night With Mr Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 2

Arianna's smile lost its flavour at Eli's question. She had told him once when he asked her about his daddy. She simply told him that his daddy was in Z-city.

But that was a mere distraction she gave him back then. How can she know who his daddy was when she doesn't even know the name of the man she had a one night stand with nor how he looked facially.

"Yes baby, hopefully" she replied, forcing a smile on.

The next day, Arianna arrived at the airport. From Los Angeles to Z-city, it's a few hours flight. She dragged her luggage with one hand and held her son with the other.

Eli's looks attracted, a few smiles and a lot of waves of hand. Some blew him kisses and those close to him took his little hand in theirs. Arianna was long used to this charm that Eli carries wherever he appears.

He is cute and adorable though, but Arianna doesn't want to believe that his appearance was capable of taking away the breath of eight out of ten people they come across.

Maybe one day, he will become a model and will grow into a celebrity. She looked forward to it. Eli will definitely be a good fit for a child model.

As she hailed a cab to take her to an apartment, she sighed. She had searched overnight and saw a few empty single bedroom flats and she contacted the company.

She paid and told the agent she was moving in the next day. She was glad she at least got such a cheap apartment to put up with her son.

She looked at the buzzing city, the one she had lived for twenty one years of her life. That houses her childhood and youthful years.

She left without looking back and now, she has returned. She will live her life, away from those who hurt her and made her leave her home city.

She remembered what happened four years ago and didn't feel hurt anymore. She has moved on with her life and she's certain Ethan has been married to Daisy already, at least she guess so

She is living for herself and her son. Just for the two of them. Eli was the most important thing in her life now and she would work hard to give him the best that she can afford.

Arianna settled into her apartment and for the next three days, she kept sending emails to various companies who placed an advert. She hopes she gets a new job soon.

She needs to enrol her son in a new school. An average middle class school. She might not be able to afford expensive schools where rich kids attend but her son wasn't going to get the least either.

She bought second hand cheap furniture and gave her single bedroom apartment a fairly good looking taste. Eli was happy and said their apartment was the best.

The next day, Arianna was called for an interview and before noon, she was hired. It's a small company, just trying to find its feet but told Arianna that they hope she grows with them.

The salary was not much but it was better than nothing. It's a good start and she wasn't ready to despise the day of a little beginning.

She accepted the job and was to resume the next day. She asked around and found a playground more like a creche where she could put Eli when she goes to work.

That settled, she sighed and looked forward to her resumption the next day. She would strive to be the best she could and hope for the best and better opportunity.

She resumed work and everything went well for the first two days. On the third day, her boss called her to his office and told her that a powerful Personality in Z-city was visiting their company.

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