Roman One Night With Mr Billionaire chapitre Chapitre 3

Arianna glanced at her boss and the other managers. They all seemed quiet, not able to utter a word. Of course she looked in the direction where the 'powerful Personality' sat and it had become empty.

His scary looking bodyguards have also left. She knew she had flopped "I'm sorry sir. I wasn't prepared for your request" Arianna apologised.

Without a word, her boss offered her a letter and when she glanced through it, she froze. She has been fired.

"Sir, please don't sack me. I really need this job" Arianna pleaded. She has herself and Eli to take care of and this job is her only source of livelihood, the one she looked to in order for Eli to resume school.

"The one who ordered your sack has a powerful personality. If you want to have your job back, go and plead with him" her boss replied and walked away.

The other managers did the same and Arianna hurriedly went out, she needed to see this 'powerful Personality' and apologise to him.

She found him just getting into his car, and ran past his bodyguards, who tried stopping her and got to stand before him "Sir," Arianna said, panting and raising her head to glance at the powerful man.

The 'powerful Personality' paused, who dared to stop him before the public glare like this? He casually raised his head to look at the fellow who got guts to stop him and his eyes met with hers.

Arianna froze. Her heart beat was faster and she felt a gush of adrenaline rushed through her spine. She shivered and beads of sweat rose on her forehead.

The identical look between this 'powerful Personality' and her son was too striking. It was as if they were made from the same sculpture and divided into two.

Same eyes, lips, complexion and colour of the hair. He is the bigger version of her son and Eli is a spitting image of him.

She felt her heart beat twice its Normal rate. If she hadn't slept with a gigolo that night, she would readily have assumed that he is Eli's father.

But a 'powerful Personality' like him cannot go to such a club let alone, working as a gigolo.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the men in Black suits asked, glaring at the woman's audacity. Does she want to die?

"I'm sorry, I flopped a while ago. Please sir, I don't want to lose my job. I really need this job.." Arianna was pleading.

She finished pleading with her head bowed, she couldn't dare to stare a second time at the face that looked exactly like her son's. She stood still, her hands folded in front of her and waited for the 'powerful Personality' to say something, to accept her apologies or decline it, but he didn't say a word.

She felt his gaze was on her. He probably was scrutinising her and didn't know what her fate might be. Since he wasn't saying anything, she turned and wanted to leave when she heard him speak "don't you dare take another step" he thundered.

Arianna paused and remained rooted on a point. She cannot move forward and dare not look back to avoid coming face to face with the 'powerful Personality' again.

After a while, he commanded "throw this filth out of my sight"

Arianna returned home feeling weak and exhausted. Exhausted not from the pressure or stress of work, but the loss of her job.

How can she be so unprepared for a simple thing as being presented to a future investor? It seemed to her that she's not professional at all and lacks the basic knowledge of being a company's specialist.

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