Roman Possesive CEO Daddy chapitre Chapitre 5

"Congratulations, Miss Parker, you are one month pregnant," the doctor revealed with a smile, causing Iris's face to drain of color.

Her mother, equally caught off guard since Iris claimed to have been forced to take the pills, felt restless.

Iris had always been a good girl. Jacqueline's friends called her lucky for raising such a responsible daughter.

What would they say now? And what about her husband's political career? His opponents would surely use this against him.

Her daughter couldn't lose everything after just one night. Something was wrong, and they needed to find a solution.

"Doctor, is it possible that the result is incorrect? I mean, my daughter isn't interested in men, and she confirmed taking emergency pills," she asked, hoping for a different answer.

The doctor's eyes widened, but he smiled understandingly and patiently explained,

"Oh, Mrs. Parker, this result is accurate. Your daughter may not have a boyfriend, but having unprotected sex even once, for any reason, can result in pregnancy. And emergency pills can fail for various reasons as well."

Iris felt apathetic as she pictured that man's face in her mind again.

While she never wanted to see him again, this seed in her womb would constantly remind her of that regretful morning, since she couldn't remember much about the night.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she stood up and made her way towards the door. She needed to escape before her father found out.

She couldn't bear to face him after refusing to reveal the man's location and identity to him.

Iris had no desire to involve her family in this chaotic situation. She didn't want to burden them with her problems.

Just as she reached for the door knob, it swung open from the outside, causing her heart to skip a beat.

"Dad!" Iris exclaimed, taken aback by her father's unexpected presence at the hospital. Trembling, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

She avoided making eye contact, lowering her head in shame.

"I heard that you weren't feeling well. What did the doctor say?" Her father's caring tone only intensified her guilt.

Her father loved her deeply and had always provided for her, but this revelation could potentially ruin his political career.

That's why Iris had planned to run away.

Her father, Austin, had arrived with his assistant, Adam Sander. They had been together in the office when they received the news of Iris's illness.

Adam, who had secretly been in love with Iris, was equally disturbed by the situation.

However, Iris didn't want to discuss such a sensitive matter in front of an outsider.

She hadn't even intended to tell her father, but rather escape to another state until she gave birth.

Unfortunately, it seemed like that plan was no longer feasible.

I think we should discuss this at home," her mother suggested, desperately trying to buy herself some time to figure out how to break the news to her husband.

She had no idea what her daughter had in mind.

"Why do we have to wait until we're home? Just tell me now," Austin demanded, growing increasingly impatient and disturbed.

They were already in the hospital, and he couldn't bear the suspense any longer. He shot a glare at the doctor, frustrated that both his wife and daughter remained silent.

The doctor felt a sense of fear, knowing that Austin held a powerful position as the County Commissioner at the Poconos. Despite Mrs. Parker's warning gaze, he finally mustered the courage to speak.

"She's pregnant," the doctor announced, his voice trembling.

Adam's face contorted with pain, while Jacqueline stood defensively by her daughter's side.

Iris braced herself for the inevitable wave of chastisement, realizing that there was no escape from the consequences of her actions.

Her father's devastated expression tore at her heart, as she knew she had deeply disappointed him. However, she never expected him to burst into tears.

"You're pregnant? You mean you're carrying my grandchild?" he sobbed, shocking everyone in the room.

Iris was left bewildered, struggling to comprehend what was happening. Tears welled up in her eyes as she choked out her words.

"Dad, I know you're disappointed, but-"

"No. It's a good thing you don't know the father's identity, and it's a good thing he doesn't know about the pregnancy. This child will bear our name," Austin declared, leaving everyone in utter astonishment.

They had anticipated his explosive anger, but instead, he seemed to be softened by a wave of emotion.

Adam couldn't help but feel that his boss had overlooked the potential consequences this child would bring.

"Sir, this could have an impact on your political aspirations and your campaign for mayor," Adam voiced his concern.

Austin appeared visibly saddened by Adam's words, but after a brief moment, a smile crept across his face.

"I understand, but right now, I also want to be a grandparent," he replied.

Adam felt a mix of disappointment and annoyance. He couldn't allow his boss to jeopardize his own career because of an illegitimate child.

"Sir, you're making a mistake. If you want to have both, Iris and I can get married, and the child will have a father. This way, you won't have to sacrifice your political ambitions," Adam suggested, seizing the opportunity to turn the situation around.

Currently, he would be regarded as the savior of everyone for having Iris as his wife.

Given his numerous failed attempts and rejections, there was no other way for Iris to agree to marry him except through this method.

However, would Iris consider marrying a man with whom she felt no connection?

"No, I will never marry you, or anyone," Iris shouted, her anger evident in her voice.

Adam felt a pang of pain but responded impassively, "It's a shame you'll be jeopardizing your father's career. Do you even care about him?"

"It's fine, Adam. I will never force my daughter to marry a man she doesn't want anymore. I just want a grandchild, and since she's pregnant, she's free to live her life as she pleases," Austin defended his daughter, causing all the excuses and defenses his wife had prepared to vanish, leaving her speechless.

"But what about your dreams and aspirations, sir?" Adam asked with genuine concern, concealing the pain he felt from losing this incredible opportunity. Austin explained,

"I need a grandchild, and I'm willing to sacrifice my ambitions for it."

Iris felt a pang in her heart as she realized how much her father had lost because of her.

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